August 2018

Your Existing Storage: Should It Stay or Should It Go?

In a recent blog we talked about today’s data explosion—and how it’s driven by the desire to keep more data than ever to extract all of its value. As you assess the need to trade your traditional storage in for a new solution that can meet your evolving requirements, there’s one important fact to start […] Read More ›

Transform Your Organization with SUSE and SAP

For people who don’t work at SAP, it sometimes seems like we spend a lot of time writing about SAP. It’s not just because we like our alliance partner; it’s because we know your move to SAP S/4HANA will bring your organization huge benefits, and if you make SUSE a part of your move, we […] Read More ›

SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 is Generally Available

SUSE Linux Enterprise 15, a multimodal operating system, is generally available. You can download SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 from here. SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 marks a milestone. It is the next major release since SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 in 2014. Existing customers can use this as an opportunity to baseline their systems to SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 from older […] Read More ›

SUSE YES Certification for SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Now Available

On July 16, 2018 SUSE® officially released SUSE® Linux Enterprise 15. With this new release we also announce the availability of the YES System Certification Kit (SCK) version 8.1 for hardware systems. SCK 8.1 now provides certification support for SLE 15 including Xen and KVM Virtualization. SCK 8.1 includes certification for the following hardware platforms: Intel 64/AMD64 (x86-64 […] Read More ›

Are Private Clouds Just too Complicated?

Having previously looked at whether private clouds are cost prohibitive or not (hint: they generally aren’t, above a certain size), let’s have a look at whether setting up a private cloud is a complicated matter, and too much like hard work. Firstly, a definition of private cloud. In this instance, I’m referring specifically to an […] Read More ›

CRI-O Container Runtime on SUSE CaaS Platform 3

Interested in Kubernetes and container runtimes? Great, here is what we have been working on with the open-source community! With the release of version 3 of SUSE CaaS Platform, we are proud to announce CRI-O as an opt-in container runtime that we offer as a tech preview to our users. CRI-O is a fully Kubernetes […] Read More ›

Deploying SLURM using SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing Patterns

The expansion of High Performance Computing (HPC) beyond the niches of higher education and government realms to corporate and business computing use cases has been on the rise. One catalyst of this trend is increasing innovation in hardware platforms and software development. Both respectively drive down the cost of deploying supercomputing services with each iteration […] Read More ›

Consumability – What Does It Mean?

Consumability, it’s an odd word that I like to toss around in regard to SUSE offerings in the market.  Given that it’s not well defined, I thought I’d try to help you understand what I mean when I say it. Rather than being some narrowly defined term, I believe that the phrase consumability encompasses a number of […] Read More ›

Growing Pains: Data Storage Today

Depending on who you ask, digital data is growing at a combined annual growth rate of 20, 30 or even 40 percent. But if you’re in an IT department today, you don’t need a technology analyst to tell you the obvious. We’re undergoing a data explosion—and mostly, that’s a good thing. We need to store […] Read More ›

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