April 2018

A Small Server for Big Companies – New Raspberry Pi Support in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for ARM

When SUSE created a Raspberry Pi image for SUSECon in 2016, there was a tremendous amount of interest. We saw thousands of downloads in just the first few days. Many people asked, "When are you going to offer real support for the Raspberry Pi?" The answer is now! Increasing customer demand drove our decision to […]Read More ›

SUSE and Other Technology Industry Leaders Join Forces to Increase Predictability in Open Source Licensing

SUSE is announcing today that it is committing to extending additional rights to help solve open source compliance errors by providing a period in which companies can cure such errors. This approach by SUSE will promote greater predictability in open source licensing and increase participation in open source software development and deployment. […]Read More ›

SUSE Linux Live Patching for Power – A Key Tool for Availability

All system outages are bad. They result in lost revenue, reputation damage, lost productivity and other impacts to the business. Outages of enterprise applications such as SAP HANA can have an even greater impact on a business due to the pervasive nature of those applications. One reason you choose the IBM Power platform is the […]Read More ›

Applying the Cloud Foundry Workflow to Kubernetes

This is a topic that SUSE has been working on and maturing for a while. Before we dive into what this means, let's take a quick high-level look at what Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes are, and what they are not. Both Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes are go-to platforms when companies think of building modern cloud […]Read More ›

Growing Strong with the Help of the Community

You might already have heard that, as of 2020, Python 2 will not be maintained anymore. This date seems to be "far, far away" from an end user perspective – but is actually upcoming quite quickly if you see it through the eyes of an […]Read More ›

Data Security Reigns Supreme with SUSE on IBM Z Systems

Through the lens of a new wave of technological advances built around advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, container development, blockchain, cloud and data security, there's a shift occurring in how IBM Z systems (and LinuxONE systems) are being used and leveraged. These systems are being refreshed with features around Linux, pervasive encryption, virtualization and performance—all […]Read More ›

Deploying WordPress with SUSE CaaS Platform

While you may never have a reason to deploy WordPress on CaaSP, the following exercise will give you a way to see how persistent storage, deployments and NodePort networking work in Kubernetes. A decent understanding of the theory around Kubernetes is useful, but an actual hands-on understanding will […]Read More ›

Toward Zero Downtime with SAP HANA and More on IBM Systems

Whether you are running business-critical systems like SAP HANA on IBM Power or managing highly transactional workloads on IBM Z, maintaining business continuity is essential in today's nonstop business environments. Many companies around the world are looking to ensure faster response times and low maintenance overheads through high availability techniques and technologies.  One such company […]Read More ›

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