October 2017

There's Less to this than Meets the Eye

by: Michael Tabron

As the SUSE Product Marketing Manager for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, I’m always interested in what our competitors may be planning. So when a colleague forwarded these tweets, it really piqued my curiosity: “Great and unique announcements from Red HAT (sic) regarding SAP HANA.” Was my job messaging and differentiating the … Read More ›

Introducing Stratos UI: An Open Source Management UI for Cloud Foundry

by: nwmacd

In case you missed it, last week at SUSECON™, SUSE previewed SUSE Cloud Application Platform—a new offering for software development and operations teams. At the heart of this platform is SUSE’s Cloud Foundry implementation. The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to another part of SUSE’s Cloud Application Platform—Stratos UI. … Read More ›

Does Your Storage Need a Re-think

by: Jason Phippen

IDC’s Digital Universe Study predicts a staggering 10x growth from now by 2020. If you are struggling with volumes now, think ahead to what it is going to be like in a few years’ time, and ask yourself this question: Is your current storage strategy going to cope? It likely you are going to say … Read More ›

SUSE is First to Deliver BlueStore—IT Brand Pulse Industry 1st Award for SUSE Enterprise Storage

by: Jason Phippen

BlueStore Boosts the Performance of Ceph Storage BlueStore is a major enhancement to Ceph storage because it eliminates the longstanding performance penalties of kernel file systems, with a whole new OSD back-end which utilizes block devices directly. SUSE is First to Deliver BlueStore SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 Beta is now available and includes the industry’s … Read More ›

Open, Open…….is that a Typo?

by: Hitesh Patel

Despite only being at SUSE for the past 3 months I am of course aware that the SUSE philosophical approach is being an Open, Open Source company and the above is not a typo. The question is, why is it so important to emphasize being open? There are 3 distinct areas where being open is a good thing. Open … Read More ›

HPE rocked at SUSECON! Check this Inside Scoop of their Time on Stage with SUSE

by: Carolina Pereira

Here we are closing up an amazing #SUSECON week full of awesome keynotes (yes plural), sessions and sponsors. Not to mention our awesome customers and partners. In case you missed all the action (and let me tell you there is still some action) here is your HPE recap! Gary Thome, HPE`s Chief Technologist for Software … Read More ›

Lenovo Storage Solution for SAP HANA Powered by SUSE Enterprise Storage

by: Jason Phippen

While the focus of SAP HANA has been the beneficial performance increase of an in memory database; the cost and complexity of the storage infrastructure is often one of the most significant financial hurdles to adoption. Solution at a Glance: The Lenovo Storage Solution for SAP HANA is a SAP HANA Software-defined Storage (SDS) … Read More ›

SUSECON Highlights

by: Joanne Eames

SUSECON 2017, held in Prague, Czechia this year was the biggest and best SUSECON to date. The customer and partner event boasted more than 165 sessions, 60 tutorials, hundreds of hours of hands-on training, and the famous Demopalooza on Thursday! Review the daily highlights here:


SUSE and the Linux Foundation Need Your Help!

by: Alan Clark

In conjunction with the Open Mainframe Project with the Linux Foundation, we are conducting a brief online survey about mainframe computing and would greatly appreciate your help. The confidential study is being conducted among IT professionals to understand current and planned usage of mainframe technology. Through this study, we hope to generate the most comprehensive assessment of the mainframe industry—both where it is and where it is going. If you would like to receive a summary of Key Findings from the study, simply indicate your desire to receive this summary report at the end of the survey. Please be assured that the study is being conducted for research purposes only; all information is gathered anonymously and will remain strictly confidential. To complete the survey, Click Here ›

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