July 2017

Open Source and Water. Same or Different?

By: Marijn de Vos

Quite frequently, I get questions from people around me about how open source software differs from proprietary software. The formal answer is that with open source the source code is owned by no one and available to everyone, while proprietary software vendors keep the code of the program secret. However, I have found this answer does not… Read More ›

Sharing Insights: The Secret of Successful SAP Customers

By: Sabine Soellheim

SAP is a world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and software-related service revenue. More than 350,000 customers run SAP software in more than 180 countries. Many of those customers are running their SAP applications on SAP NetWeaver or SAP HANA. But did they succeed? How did they manage to get the levels… Read More ›

Get Ready to Paint the City of Prague Green!

By: Kent Wimmer

We are officially 8 weeks from SUSECON 2017 in the beautiful, historic city of Prague and here at SUSE, we’re all busy ensuring it’s an event to remember. This year’s theme is “Open. Redefined.” and our mission? To show all SUSECON goers that there’s more to “open” than just the code! If SUSECON is not… Read More ›

Live Patching Superhero Doesn’t Reboot from Stack Clash

By: Raj Meel

If you were staying up late to patch your servers when the Stack Clash vulnerability recently showed up then you are not alone. However, you could join the select club of super savvy admin superheroes who didn’t have to shut down systems to patch Stack Clash. Stack Clash can be patched without bringing down your… Read More ›

Is a Cloud-First Strategy Right for Your Business?

By: Mark Smith

Gartner predicts that more than half of global enterprises that already use cloud today will adopt an all-in, or cloud-first, strategy by 2021. Should you do the same, and if so, where should you begin? First, it’s important to understand that a cloud-first strategy is a business strategy that aims to reduce IT costs by transitioning… Read More ›

Why Should I Patch My Server?

By: J. S. Evans

Wait, what? Why should I patch my server? Because you won’t get bug fixes. But my server works just fine, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? What about security fixes? My server isn’t accessible from the internet. I’m not worried about it getting hacked. But it’s still possible, right? Do you really want… Read More ›

What Customers Really Think about OpenStack Cloud

By: Mark Smith

According to the French philosopher René Descartes, to know what people really think, pay attention to what they do, rather than what they say. In the light of that wisdom, if you want to know what customers really think about OpenStack cloud software, you should pay attention to what they are doing with it. Or… Read More ›

OSC Helpers for Lazy Packagers

By: Meike Chabowski

The following article has been contributed by Marcus “Darix” Rückert, Senior Software Engineer in the Operations and Services Team at SUSE. It first appeared on his personal homepage. OSC, the openSUSE Commander, is the Command Line Interface that lets you work with the Open Build Service. If you ever discussed packaging in person with me… Read More ›

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