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Mozilla to build WebRTC chat into Firefox

By: Bryan Lunduke

June 2, 2014 10:08 am

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At the Mozilla “Future Releases” blog, Chad Weiner announces a new feature just added to the latest Firefox Nightly builds: WebRTC-powered audio/video chat functionality. The feature “aims to connect everyone with a WebRTC-enabled browser. And that’s all you will need. No plug-ins, no downloads. If you have a browser, a camera and a mic, you’ll be able to make audio and video calls to anyone else with an enabled browser. It will eventually work across all of your devices and operating systems. And we’ll be adding lots more features in the future as we roll it out to more users.” Cross-browser multimedia chat has been demonstrated with WebRTC before, of course, but the functionality has not been built in. Firefox will evidently use OpenTok, a WebRTC application platform, in its implementation.

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