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Why does SKYPE block sound on SUSE?

By: coolguys

January 4, 2006 12:00 am




ENVRIONMENT: ALSA 1.0.9 or later
Skype or later
Linux kernel 2.6.x (SUSE Linux 9.1 or later)

PROBLEM: Skype blocks my sound system on SUSE, why?

SOLUTION: Skype, the free VOIP software uses OSS (Open Sound System), which it reserves the whole sound system for itself. There are many work arounds for this. You can use ALSA directly, or through wrappers such as aRts. Here I will show how to do it with ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture).

First, you need to copy and paste the script provided below and add it to your /etc/asound.conf file.

After that, when you want to start the software, type aoss skype at a command prompt to start the software.

That’s how easy, happy skyping!

EXAMPLE: Contents of the /etc/asound.conf script:

pcm.asymed { 
         type asym 
         playback.pcm "dmix" 
         capture.pcm "dsnoop" 
 pcm.!default { 
         type plug 
         slave.pcm "asymed" 
pcm.!dmix {
        type dmix
        ipc_key 1024
ipc_key_add_uid yes
        slave {
            pcm "hw:0,0"
            period_time 0
            period_size 1024
            buffer_size 4096
            rate 48000
        bindings {
            0 0
            1 1
 pcm.!dsnoop { 
         type dsnoop 
         ipc_key 5778293 
         ipc_key_add_uid yes 
         slave { 
                 pcm "hw:0,0" 
                 period_time 0 
                 period_size 128 
                 buffer_size 2048 
                 format S16_LE 
                 rate 48000 
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Disclaimer: As with everything else at SUSE Conversations, this content is definitely not supported by SUSE (so don't even think of calling Support if you try something and it blows up).  It was contributed by a community member and is published "as is." It seems to have worked for at least one person, and might work for you. But please be sure to test, test, test before you do anything drastic with it.

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  1. By:openudk

    In my case I did not need to write ‘aoss skype’ in the terminal.