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Visualizing Heartbeat (HA) managed resource dependencies


By: variia

July 31, 2008 4:42 pm





This tip explains how to visualize HA managed resources and their dependencies with a graph.


I have 2 HASI clusters managing XEN virtual machines as resources and as part of my documentation I wanted to visualize the various resources and their dependencies.



These are available from standard SLES10 SP2 installation sources.

graphviz-2.6-22.2 is available from SLE10SP2 SDK (Software Development Kit) media or installation source.


Heartbeat package includes a tool named “ptest” which is used for testing for instance modified crm (V2) configurations without actually loading them into the cluster.

geeko:~ # rpm -qf /usr/sbin/ptest

Get a full config of your V2 cluster without “lrm” lines:

geeko:~ # cibadmin -Q | grep -v lrm > `hostname`.xml

By removing the lrm_resources tags (grep -v lrm), the tool thinks that nothing is running and shows what it would do to start everything from scratch.

Translate the saved xml file to DOT formatted transition graph:

geeko:~ # ptest -D `hostname`.dot  -X `hostname`.xml

Draw a directed graph:

geeko:~ # dot -Tjpg -o `hostname`.jpg `hostname`.dot

There are other utilities available drawing different type of graphs (neato, twopi, circo, fdp), you can get some idea about what they do from the man pages.

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1 Comment

  1. By:windl

    The “-X” in “ptest -D `hostname`.dot -X `hostname`.xml” needs to be lower case (at least in SLES11 SP1).
    Despite of that, a non-trivial configuration cannot be visualized:
    h01:~ # cibadmin -Q | grep -v lrm >cib.xml
    h01:~ # ptest -D -x cib.xml
    h01:~ # dot -Tjpg -o foo.jpg
    dot: width (95560 >= 32768) is too large.
    Segmentation fault
    When using “-Tps” instead, I get a 300kB PostScript file, but that just prints an empty page.