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Upgrading MonoDevelop to 0.12

By: pmccrackan

January 16, 2007 3:33 pm





Upgrading Monodevelop to 0.12

Install okay, crashes on startup, get this error message:

Unix Transport Error (Bug #78774?)


Open a terminal and type in:

mdtool gsetup

This opens up the MonoDevelop Add-in Manager.

Go down to Language bindings, expand it and disable Boo Language binding 0.4.

Close the window and Monodevelop 0.12 will start up just fine.


Not sure about the consequences of disabling the Boo Language bindings. If you know you need it……. don’t attempt the upgrade.


This was done on a SLED 10 for AMD64 with all updates applied as of 31st December 2006.

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