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Thousands of VMware Customers Choose SUSE Linux

By: frego

July 23, 2012 6:10 pm




Since SUSE and VMware announced a partnership around Linux on vSphere, thousands of VMware customers have taken advantage of the entitlement for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server patches and updates that is included with their vSphere support contract.

If you’re looking for additional reasons why it makes sense to choose SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware for Linux workloads on vSphere, take a look at the many advanced features that SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 service pack 2  provides such as: improved performance through scheduler and memory management enhancements in the 3.0 Linux kernel; improved reliability, availability and serviceability via support for new hardware RAS features and btrfs support; better security with AppArmor; and enhanced hardware support with new drivers for over 500 of the latest CPUs, chipsets, networking devices and storage systems.

The SUSE Linux for VMware entitlement applies to qualified users of vSphere4 and vSphere5. For a great explanation of the major changes and improvements in vSphere5, including the availability of the new SUSE Linux-based vCenter appliance, check out Mike Laverick’s RTFM blog.

And if you still need more reasons for choosing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware to host your Linux workloads on vSphere, consider the following:

SUSE and VMware are making Linux on vSphere easy and affordable. Download SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware and activate your subscription for patches and updates. If you use vSphere, you’re entitled to it.


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    Thousands of VMware Customers Choose SUSE Linux