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Finding missing libraries for building software from source


By: variia

August 26, 2008 7:02 pm



This quick tip explains how to find “missing” libraries for building software from source. Let’s say you want to build and application which requires “Xm” headers to be installed. How do you actually know which package to install? Each SuSE media includes a file in the root directory named ARCHIVES.gz with all files/package names. root@geeko:~ …

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Developing Software Products for SUSE Linux: Kernel-space Considerations

Ann Davis

By: Ann Davis

June 27, 2008 5:00 pm



Since system software often needs to interact closely with the underlying operating system, Linux system software products may contain kernel modules as well as user-space libraries and executables. It is particularly important that these kernel modules be reliable and robust: unlike user-space binaries, kernel modules can compromise operating system stability.

The concerns discussed in this paper apply regardless of the Linux distributions an ISV wishes to support. However, suggested solutions may be distribution-specific. This document endeavors to highlight the basic issues, briefly describe various approaches, and provide direction for ISVs targeting SUSE Linux platforms.

This document is intended for developers of kernel-space software products for SUSE Linux Code 10-based operating systems (SUSE Linux 10.x, SUSE Linux Enterprise).

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