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Partner Spotlight – SUSE Studio Appliance Template for Ingres Database

By: rholder

April 13, 2010 10:44 am




SUSE Studio Appliance Template for Ingres Database now available to help ISVs and System Integrators simplify software appliance creation

“We’ve long been believers in the value of software appliances and our early users reported dramatic reductions in effort and increases in speed to market. We are pleased to be a part of the SUSE Appliance Program to bring the benefits of software appliances to ISVs along with our respective global support capabilities. Using SUSE Studio enabled us to quickly build the SUSE Studio Appliance Template for Ingres Database. We look forward to working with the many ISVs who will boost profit margins, reduce setup costs and drive down the cost of support as a result of our joint efforts.
Roger Burkhardt, CEO, Ingres.

The SUSE Studio Appliance Template for Ingres Database allows ISVs to create their own appliance in SUSE Studio within minutes. By creating a single, seamless on-ramp to integrate their applications, an ISV can quickly get to market with a software appliance.

In summary, SUSE Studio Appliance Template for Ingres Database offers the following benefits:

  • Accelerate your sales cycles with easy to use appliances
  • Simplifies software appliance development and deployment
  • Remove burden of managing the life-cycle of the operating system or the middleware database component
  • Lower costs and reduce appliance setup time with less risk.
  • Expand your market– spend less time building appliances and more time tapping into new growth opportunities

If you are an ISV or SI and would like to speak to a representative about leveraging this SUSE Studio Appliance Template for Ingres Database for your own applications, please contact Sheila Reilly of Novell for more information.

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