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Why Free May Hurt Your Appliance or Cloud Business

By: davidbyte

June 29, 2015 11:53 am



In my role, I work with a lot of prospective partners who ask the question “Why should I pay for Linux when I can get XYZ distro for free?”  My answer to this involves several facets. Security – When a major security issue comes along, the commercial distributions are on the embargo list and working …

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Hybrid cloud, OpenStack and open source storage: three essential jigsaw pieces for the enterprise of the future.

By: jphippen

June 18, 2015 8:58 am



Many―if not most―major enterprises are experiencing enormous increases in the demand for storage and computing power. Few―if any―will have the budget to meet rising requirements that continue to outpace the growth in their budgets. This raises a difficult question for IT teams everywhere: how long is the usual approach of managing the install, upgrade, retire …

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Simplify your IT Landscape with SUSE and SAP

Dirk Oppenkowski

By: Dirk Oppenkowski

June 17, 2015 7:37 pm



Thousands of organizations are looking to migrate to SAP HANA in order to take advantage of real-time business processes.  SAP and SUSE have put together a “Simpler Choice” program to support customers migrating to SAP HANA. The three-step approach is simple: Try Simple: Free trials, Value-engineering services Buy Simple: Credit for previous DB purchases, discounts …

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SLES 11/12 OS Tuning & Optimization Guide – Part 1

Austin Joseph

By: Austin Joseph

June 11, 2015 8:50 am



This document is a basic SLES tuning guide for Memory and Disk I/O tuning and optimization. Many of the parameters and settings discussed are Linux generic and can be applied. Refer to IHV/ISV Application tuning guides or documentation before you implement the tuning parameters.

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Software Defined Storage Trajectory and SUSE

By: davidbyte

June 5, 2015 8:37 am



All of the analysts are predicting big things from Software Defined Storage (SDS) over the next several years.  In fact, some analysts are even predicting some very hard times for some of the traditional storage vendors.  This is all based on the tremendous pushback that is occurring against expensive, proprietary hardware based arrays and moving …

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Participating in an Industry Focused Peer Community

By: kgroneman

June 4, 2015 7:30 am



Would you like to participate in a community of other Micro Focus (Novell/SUSE/NetIQ/Micro Focus/Borland) customers in your same industry?   Are you in Healthcare?  Federal or Local Government?  Small Business? Something else? Sometimes it’s nice to be able to talk to someone that has the same concerns and issues you do.  Someone that knows the rules you …

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SUSE Rules the Stack. For the third time in a row.

Bryan Lunduke

By: Bryan Lunduke

June 2, 2015 8:38 am



One year ago, at OpenStack Summit, Intel sponsored the first “Rule the Stack” competition — to see who could build a complete OpenStack infrastructure in the shortest amount of time. The crew from SUSE won.  By a mile. Then, last November, at OpenStack Summit Atlanta, Intel sponsored “Rule the Stack” round 2 — with the added requirement …

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Choosing the Right Flavor for Your OpenStack Cloud


By: Mark_Smith

May 28, 2015 8:54 am



One of the great things about modern life is that we are often spoilt for choice. As an example, many of us enjoy a good cup of coffee. In the office where I work, there are always at least four different flavor options to choose from and best of all, they are all provided free …

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azurectl – A new project for Azure Command Line tools

By: rjschwei

May 26, 2015 10:50 am



With the release of SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 the concept of modules was introduced. Additional information about modules is provided by Modules: Bridging the gap between Turtle and Hare and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Modules . One of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 modules is the Public Cloud Module. The idea behind the Public Cloud …

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Categories: Announcements, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Linux, SLES on Azure, SUSE in the Cloud, Technical Solutions

Customer success story: Docker with SUSE

George Shi

By: George Shi

May 26, 2015 9:40 am



SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 includes many new tools and features to improve the operational efficiency for enterprises. Docker is one of them. Docker offers benefits such as an efficient development cycle and a lightweight containerization model. As a new technology, Docker is evolving, but even today, it’s producing concrete results. Check out how STIA, …

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