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Migrating a Client from an NNLS1 / SLES8 Server to OES

By: ab

April 26, 2006 3:19 am





A Forum reader asked the following question:

We’d like to migrate a client from an NNLS1 / SLES8 server to an OES server. The documentation that I’ve read says there is no direct migration path. Does anyone have any recommendations on an indirect migration path?


Here are the indirect migration steps to follow:

1. Install new server into tree w/OES.

2. Make it the CA and SD Key Server (W0.KAP.Security) if you want to.

3. Move services from NNLS server to OES server.

4. Move the associated files (NetStorage, iFolder, iPrint, whatever) to the new server.

5. Remove partitions from NNLS server.

6. Remove the NNLS server.

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