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By: coolguys

March 12, 2008 3:27 pm




by Greg Barber

Report generates a list of installed packages, kernel version, disk
stats and NIC information.

Changes 3-12-2008:
Changed release, node and version variables to pull informaton from proc rather than uname

Contributor: Ryan Kather
Changes: 2-20-2008:
#Added looping to extract NIC info for multiple interfaces and bonding configurations.

Added home page for project on the new home page is


Changed the call to /sbin/pvdisplay to /sbin/lvm pvdisplay
Changes the call to /sbin/lvdisplay to /sbin/lvm lvdisplay t
Added a test so that lvdisplay will not run if there are no physical
volumes found
Cleaned up the output by adding spaces between items
Added .html extension to the output of the HTML version of the report
Added a section to list running services


– added the option to generate a report in html format
– dropped the .sh extention

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