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Atipa, Fusion-io, InkTank, ScaleMP, SUSE to cover trends at Super Computing Conference

By: amiej

November 9, 2012 10:46 pm




Next week at the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC12) in Salt Lake City, SUSE has assembled a group of experts to share HPC industry best practices and discuss emerging technologies.

The following theater schedule for SUSE booth 4827 will cover a spectrum of hot topics in HPC today including cloud computing, storage, virtualization and Linux hardware and software developments to improve high performance computing.

SUSE’s Alan Clark will provide an update on cloud, specifically areas of development with OpenStack. Fusion-io and Inktank experts will cover the latest HPC-enabling storage technologies.  ScaleMP will discuss high performance computing virtualization. Atipa Technologies will cover what it takes to build and deploy a reliable HPC cluster. SUSE’s Darren Davis will demo how partners can build custom operating systems with SUSE Studio. And SUSE’s resident HPC guru, Kai Dupke will showcase the latest features in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, while also discussing HPC achievements from a few of our customers, SuperMUC, NASA and Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.

Here is the schedule of presentations. We hope to see you there:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
11:30:00 TBA
12:30:00 Robert Wipfel, Fusion-io Fellow of Engineering Partner Session
13:30:00 Ed Saipetch, Inktank Director, Alliances & Channels Partner Session
14:30:00 Kai Dupke, SUSE Product Manager SUSE Powers Europe’s Fastest Computer
16:30:00 Kai Dupke, SUSE Product Manager Storage Update

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
10:30:00 David Byte, SUSE Sr. Technology Strategist, Integrated Systems SUSE – A Top Pick for HPC
11:30:00 Darren Davis, SUSE Director ISV & Developer Relations Studio Demo
12:30:00 Benzi Galili, ScaleMP COO & EVP Sales Partner Session
13:30:00 Robert Wipfel, Fusion-io Fellow of Engineering Partner Session
14:30:00 Kai Dupke, SUSE Product Manager SUSE Features for HPC
15:30:00 Bart Willems, Atipa, Sr. HPC Engineer Partner Session
16:30:00 Kai Dupke & David Byte SUSE QA with SUSE Product Management

Thursday, November 15, 2012
11:00:00 TBA
12:30:00 Kai Dupke SUSE Product Manager What SUSE sees in HPC
14:00:00 Drawing for a Kindle Fire HD

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