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Appliance Partner Spotlight: Black Diamond Software

By: rholder

June 5, 2010 11:19 am




“The SUSE-powered Presto Appliance has been transformative for our clients. They love having these incredible agile management tools.”
Richard Duncan, President and CTO, Black Diamond Software

As an IBM Premier Business Partner, Black Diamond Software is a recognized leader in software development best practices. Black Diamond is participating in the SUSE Appliance Program and recently launched its Presto appliance by leveraging SUSE Studio to create appliances that combine its Presto application with SUSE Linux Enterprise into one integrated package. The result is a product that is more compact and easier to manage for its customers and enabled Black Diamond to speed up its R&D processes dramatically, and to delve into lucrative new markets.

If you will be at the IBM Rationale Innovate Show in Orlando (June 6-10) please visit the Novell Booth # 227 for a demo from Black Diamond Software.

To learn more:

  • Visit the Appliance Pavilion
  • Listen to the conversation with Richard Duncan, President and CTO, Black Diamond Software or watch the video with Randy Howie, CEO of Black Diamond and learn how to c software development Video, Podcast
  • Visit the Presto Website
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