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May 20, 2013 1:28 pm





The cold, dark Winter has finally shaken its hold on most of us in the northern part of the world, and it’s time to hit the road and spread the word about all the cool technology and business features SUSE can bring to your organization.

This week will see not one but two separate road trips.

The first is our U.S. SUSE Linux Days, which started last week with events in Atlanta and Tampa. These one-day seminars will share with you the latest technological advances in order to give you the in-depth exposure you want to SUSE products and solutions, including:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise—The most reliable, scalable, and secure Linux distribution.
  • SUSE Manager—The best Linux management tool to manage ALL your Linux environments.
  • SUSE Studio—Web-based management tools that simplify software deployments in physical, virtual and cloud environments.
  • SUSE Cloud—The latest commercial cloud innovations available based on OpenStack architecture.

The first two events down South were packed with attendees and were much enjoyed by those who came. There’s still time to register for the other cities on our Spring 2013 tour:

If we’re not coming to your city, don’t worry, we’ll be back in the fall with visits to Seattle, Minneapolis, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, Portland, Toronto, Montreal, Columbus, St. Louis and more.

Join us for a great day of learning, fun, and food, and for a chance to win great prizes from SUSE!

Meanwhile, our second road show partners the Attachmate Group, Novell, and NetIQ as part of the one-day BrainShare Technology Forums. Our experts will be part of these informative shows that will showcase the benefits of all of our sibling companies. Cloud computing, something SUSE is very good at, will be the topic of conversation for our experts.

More events are getting scheduled for India in July as part of this Asia-Pacific tour, so stay tuned.

Sharing SUSE is one of our favorite things to do, right up there with meeting you, so if you’re near one of these events, get registered and come see us soon!

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