Show Us Your Downtime Face

Bryan Lunduke

By: Bryan Lunduke

June 18, 2014 9:19 am





It’s 10:30pm.  You’re sipping a mug of hot cocoa, watching a little TV before nodding off to sleep.  Suddenly, the phone rings.  It’s your boss.  One of the servers just went down… and he’s not happy.

DowntimeGreenSound familiar?  (If so, SUSE can help.)

Now.  Let me ask you this question: The moment that you found out your server went offline… what face did you make?

Take a picture of that face, post it, and you could win the most amazing contest (*) ever to grace this humble Internet of ours:

“Show Us Your Downtime Face”

The Rules

Step 1) Take a picture of yourself (that’s right, we’re instructing you to take a selfie) making the face you make when your server goes down.

Step 2) Post that picture to the social network of your choice (Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus).  Make sure to use the hashtag “#ZeroDowntime” and tag SUSE (@SUSE on Twitter, @SUSEWorldwide on Facebook, +SUSE on Google Plus) in your post.

Step 3) That’s it! There will be one winner chosen — by our crack team of awesome picture choosers — and announced right here (and on Twitter, Facebook and G+) every month.

The Prizes

BigGuysMonthly Winner: Ever seen one of those huge, green, plush chameleons (the ones that are the size of a small child)?  This is your opportunity to have one all your own.

Consolation Prize: Everyone who participates will be made instantly Internet-Famous.  Pictures just might appear here on or any of the various social media sites.

Pro Tips

Get creative!  Take an action shot!  Take a picture of you and your servers!

Don’t hold back!  Show us how you really feel when your server goes down!

(*) – At least the most amazing selfie contest about servers going offline.
That much we are confident on.

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