Quick Way to Create/Mount ISO Image in SLED and SLES using GNU/Linux Basic Commands

By: dhardik

January 20, 2008 11:39 pm





Many of you are wondering how to create/mount an ISO image of a CD/DVD in SLED/SLES. You can use K3b, but you can easily use the SLED/SLES GNU/Linux Basic Commands, like DD and CAT. Then simply mount it using the MOUNT command like you have it in your CD/DVD ROM!

We are assuming that you already have a CD/DVD in your SLED/SLES base machine. Now we want to create ISO image of that CD/DVD.

Using DD[1] command:

person@NOVELLDESK:~> dd if=/dev/cdrom of=SLED.iso


After executing the above command, you will get an ISO of your CD/DVD in your current directory.

Using the CAT[2] command you can achieve same thing. Yes using CAT! it’s easier than DD.

person@NOVELLDESK:~> cat /dev/cdrom > SLED.iso


Same as above, you will get your CD/DVD ISO in your current directory.

Now, you can use the MOUNT[3] command to mount the CD/DVD ISO to your SLED/SLES machine, and enjoy it like you have it in your CD/DVD ROM.

We are assuming that you are in same directory in which you have created the ISO of your CD/DVD.

First make the mount directory.

person@NOVELLDESK:~> sudo mkdir /mnt/ISO

person@NOVELLDESK:~> sudo mount SLED.iso -o loop /mnt/ISO

That’s it!

The above commands would also work fine with other Linux distributions.

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  1. By:markgharvey

    I think this is the correct command format to mount a .iso file on loopback.

    sudo mount -o loop SLED.iso /mnt/ISO