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SUSE Partner Summit 2016: Another one for the books

By: Nathan Barney

November 18, 2016 5:40 pm



Last week we had another great SUSECON. To kick off the week we did it in style: we invited partners of all types from all over to join us to hear about what we’re up to here at SUSE. And judging from the feedback I’ve received from our partners, we more than met the needs of …

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SUSECON – what a wild GREEN ride!


By: JRahbany

November 18, 2016 10:15 am



We planned for it. We sweated it. We got excited for it. And it was… worth it. SUSECON 2016, my first chance to meet new colleagues was just one bonus…

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Stacking the HPC Deck with HPE


By: davidbyte

November 17, 2016 2:10 pm



SUSE partner HPE announced the HPE Core HPC Software Stack 2.0 this week during the SC16 show in Salt Lake City.  This release updates many core components including the HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility (CMU).  The CMU update improves the engine to support limitless HPC scaling. This carries significance, as it allows CMU to manage …

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Software Defined Infrastructure – Ein Ueberblick

Sabine Seitz

By: Sabine Seitz

November 17, 2016 2:00 pm



Für viele Unternehmen steht die Flexibilisierung und Agilität der IT-Infrastruktur ganz oben im Pflichtenheft. Denn die schnelle Verfügbarkeit von digitalen Informationen und Daten entscheidet immer häufiger über die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit von Unternehmen. Die digitale Transformation hat Fahrt aufgenommen. Industrien und Business Modelle wandeln sich in einer nie dagewesenen Geschwindigkeit und stellen jeden IT vor neue Herausforderung. …

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Q&A with openATTIC Engineering Team Lead

Bryan Lunduke

By: Bryan Lunduke

November 17, 2016 10:46 am



Last week, we announced that SUSE was acquiring the openATTIC project. So I sat down with Lenz Grimmer — the openATTIC lead — to ask a few questions about the project and what this news means for openATTIC (and SUSE) going forward. Bryan: How would you describe openATTIC to someone who’s never heard of it before? …

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How HPC Impacts Our Lives II: HPC (and Linux) in the Movies


By: chabowski

November 17, 2016 6:17 am



A while ago, I published a first article about how HPC impacts our lives, and I talked about space research, weather forecast, and oil and gas.  Another area where HPC has become crucial – and which definitely affects our modern life every single day – is Entertainment: online gaming, Hollywood special effects and animated/3D movies. Special …

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Microsoft Azure and HPC – Ignite Innovation

By: ecolman

November 16, 2016 1:05 pm



The promise of big data has sparked a new age of intelligence. New levels of computation is delivering innovation and answers by people and machine alike, with algorithms and high-performance computing combining for amazing results. We are collecting an increasing amount of data each day – so much so that nearly 90% of the world’s data …

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Categories: Alliance Partners, Cloud Computing, SLES on Azure

Promoting Dynamic, Flexible and Secure Open Source Solutions with our Partner, Fujitsu

By: k2sherman

November 16, 2016 9:23 am



First official day at Fujitsu Forum and it’s been a blast of energizing keynotes, expert talks, demonstrations, and keen demonstrations of exciting technologies. And the traffic at the booth has been crazy – check out our booth in the photo! Last week, it was exciting to hear Katsue Tanaka talk about our significantly expanded partnership …

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SUSECON 2016: Open Technology, Passionate Users & A Real Sense of Community


By: scsmith

November 16, 2016 8:20 am



Before SUSECON 2016, I shared some of my thoughts about the evolving theme of SUSECON and looking forward to this year’s event in Washington D.C. I love being at SUSECON, interacting with customers, and being able to see first hand the awesomeness that is our community. This year, I found myself happily reflecting on how this …

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Meet SUSE at HPE Discover London


By: carolinapereira

November 15, 2016 4:45 pm



If you are a Hewlett Packard Enterprise customer or partner, you may be preparing to head to London in a few weeks and join HPE Discover. We know we are! SUSE is a proud HPE Alliance Partner and we are really excited to sponsor HPE Discover London again. The event will take place at ExCel London …

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