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February 26, 2009 12:36 pm






Download processmon 1.0.tar.gz

This utility will monitor your daemons and if they fail it will attempt to restart them. If it succeeds, it will send an email telling you it succeeded, if it fails to restart the daemon it will email you to tell you to investigate!

This utility will only work for daemons that spawn pid files, and will only send mail if the server it is running on has email correctly configured.

This utility can itself be run as a daemon, so you can configure it once and always have your daemons monitored!

The way the utility works is:

  1. Every 15 minutes:
  2. We read in a config line from the configuration file /etc/processmon.conf
  3. We check to see if the process is running if the process is not running we:
  4. We check to see if the pid file exists – if it exists we assume the daemon has crashed
  5. We attempt to restart the daemon
  6. We send an email to the configured administrator informing them that the daemon stopped and whether we were able to restart it or not

The zip files contains an install script – once installed you must configure the utility via the /etc/processmon.conf file – there are instructions in the file as to how to do this. The install also creates a launch file in /etc/init.d so that you can configure it to start at run levels using System Services from Yast. You can also run from a terminal by typing processmon.


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  1. By:tricky6

    This is something we’ve been after for ages! Life has become a lot less painful since I’ve seen this tool!