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What Do SAP Experts Do to Ensure Availability?

Does the longstanding relationship between SAP and SUSE make a difference to partners and their customers? Ask oxYa, a leader in SAP technical services and hosting solutions with over 170,000 SAP users in France and across the globe. 

SUSE Rules the Stack. By a mile.

Who managed to get a complete OpenStack installation setup and running faster than any man, woman or child on the planet?  That honor goes to SUSE’s own Dirk Mueller.

Fail-Safe Operation of SAP HANA: SUSE Extends Its High-Availability Solution

AP customers invest in SAP HANA is the conclusion reached by a recent market study carried out by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC). In Germany alone, half of companies expect SAP HANA to become the dominant database platform in the SAP environment. 

SUSE makes the right technology choices. And we can do the math!

SUSE is a technology leader. And the cool thing about it is that we don’t have to make the point ourselves. Our competitors are doing it for us over and over again.

The SUSE Version of OpenStack Havana Cloud Computing 3 Heats Up the Market

How to know what ESX version is running on your VM

This article describes how to discover the ESX version when we have only access to the VM guest. 

Leveraging SUSE’s Cloud Partner ecosystem with the SUSE OpenStack Partner Program

Today’s business needs often require cloud solutions from several vendors, and a robust platform that brings it all together. Customers need solutions that are properly tested and backed by professional support. That’s why SUSE developed SUSE Cloud, powered by OpenStack, and surrounding SUSE Cloud an ecosystem of OpenStack Partners.

Go Forward! with Mission Critical Consolidation

Unisys has been releasing some information around beta test participants using their Forward! platform with SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP.

CoolTool: Installing VMware Tools the easy way – OSP

This tool from MrLinux lets you install VMware tools very easily using online repos from

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 and IBM POWER8

When released, the enterprise-class SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 will be optimized for the IBM POWER8 architecture running in little-endian mode. Let’s take a look at how little-endian mode will remove a portability barrier for the software application vendors that started out on the x86 and x86-64 platforms and who will now be able to more easily move to the Power platform.

The Big Data Channel is Open for Crossing

Here are a few ways SUSE and our partners are collaborating to deliver real-world optimized solutions today.

CoolTool: openSUSE 13.1 with kernel 3.14 and NVIDIA

This patch provides the necessary bits required for NVIDIA Drivers to compile and run on kernel 3.14.

CoolTool: VMware Workstation 10.01 and kernel 3.14 patch

This patch provides the necessary bits required for VMware Workstation 10.0.x to compile and run on kernel 3.14.

Troubleshooting SLES VM Memory Issues

This document describes how to troubleshoot SLES Virtual Machine’s memory issues quickly to get ahead of problems and avoid bigger issues.

Best Practices for Deploying Hadoop on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

If you’re an IT architect who is responsible for scoping, planning and executing the deployment of a Hadoop cluster, or a system administrator charged with maintaining, operating and possibly extending existing Hadoop clusters, download this paper now to gain some valuable insight into maximizing the performance of your Hadoop cluster on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.