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systemd Is Not About “Système D”

A lot has been written about systemd, so it is a good time to explain what systemd will bring to your SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 system (you can already taste systemd for your self with openSUSE).

Mainframes and System z in Today’s IT

There are other technologies out there that can do the job of a collection of x86 Linux machines – sometimes, even better

Menu du jour: Vivaneau vert sur lit de légumes au beurre et suprêmes de pamplemousse

Called ‘Aprion virescens’ in Latin, ‘Uku’ in Micronesia, and ‘green jobfish’ in English, ‘vivaneau vert’ is a tasty table fish. It’s also called ‘blue-green snapper,’ and thus shares its name and color with the other Snapper that is very familiar to the SUSE communities.

Breakout SUSE

Happy Face video from the SUSE Sales Summit in Atlanta April 2013

SUSE Flying Logo Video

Lasers. Lizards. Linux. Seriously, what more can you ask?

SUSE Sales Summit in Atlanta Opening Video

A little dazzle-dazzle from our recent Sales Summit…

Forrester Analyst & SUSE Video: Standardization and Beyond

Principal Analyst, Richard Ficherra from Forrester Research, and Kerry Kim, Director of Product and Solution Marketing at SUSE, give us their unique insight and expertise on how and why IT Managers are turning to Standardization to solve the biggest issues they are facing today.

Private Clouds With SUSE Cloud and Hyper-V

Microsoft has made it easier for Azure customers to deploy instances of SUSE Linux Enterprise on the public cloud, so it only seems fair to return the favor and offer improved support for Windows Server’s Hyper-V virtualization platform on our SUSE Cloud product.

ARMing openSUSE and ATOMing SUSE For Low-Energy Server Architectures

The new openSUSE 12.3 release, besides having many other great features, introduced ARM for the first time as a new, fully supported architecture.