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Attend Free Hands-On OpenStack and Cloud Security Training from Intel and SUSE

Intel and SUSE, two of the leading OpenStack contributors, will be conducting three hands-on training workshops in late November and early December.  These all-day workshops will ramp-up your cloud skills and teach you the tips and tricks to get your OpenStack cloud enterprise-ready with enhanced security and availability.

Easily protect Firefox on SLED on multiple machines against POODLE attack

An unfixable vulnerability has been found in SSLv3 and it is recommended that support for it be disabled. If you want to easily disable use of SSLv3 in Firefox on lots of SLED machines, the solution lies in a previous SUSE Conversations submission.  Here’s the scoop.

SUSE in the Spotlight at the Paris OpenStack Summit

The OpenStack universe will be expanding to the City of Lights from November 3rd – November 7th for the OpenStack Kilo Summit. It is a great time for those interested in OpenStack to learn about the latest features in the most recent OpenStack Juno release.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Training Now Available

Now that SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 has been released, you may be wondering how to learn more about it. Why not participate in the new SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 trainings?

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 is now available

The newest major release of SUSE Linux Enterprise, version 12, is now available — and includes the latest technological innovations from upstream to provide our customers with increased uptime, improved operational efficiency and accelerated innovation.

HDS Shows How to Save Hours Patching SAP HANA

We’ve been working with HDS for some time now in regards to SAP HANA solutions. As a company, HDS understands how to efficiently deliver SAP and SAP HANA to clients around the globe. At this week’s TechEd & d-Code show, they stepped it up a notch by adding SUSE Manager to the mix.

SUSE Cloud 4 OpenStack Admin Appliance; Updated

I hope all who have been using the appliance are enjoying it and finding it useful. I felt it time to update the appliance to include patches to the latest known threats and critical updates to OpenStack. Latest version 4.0.3 Changes from Github Project Refreshed the Update Repositories to contain latest patches Applied latest Updates …

openSUSE 13.x / Factory processor P-States and Performance

Since the introduction of P-States in the Intel SandyBridge and newer processors and the introduction of the P-States driver in the kernel since 3.9 there have been some changes to the power management on systems in regards to userspace tools.

SUSECon Session Scheduler is now available!

Great news! The session scheduler is now available! We know from last year how much you loved our technology sessions – there’s so many to choose from so this way you don’t have to rush to decide on which sessions you want to attend in advance.

BIG News for SAP HANA with SGI UV

Last week SGI, a longtime SUSE partner, announced availability of the UV300H for SAP HANA. While there are many systems on the market that support HANA, the list is quite small, even exclusive, when it comes to those that support HANA in a scale up fashion the way that the UV300H does.

Understanding POODLE

Let’s take a closer look at the POODLE vulnerability that has been causing quite a stir during the last few days. To begin with, it’s important to understand that POODLE is not a code vulnerability. It is a vulnerability of the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol as specified. Consequently, there is little that can be …

Juno what just happened to OpenStack?

Today marks the next milestone in the evolution of OpenStack – the 10th project release – Juno. Juno provides enhancements to all of the OpenStack sub-projects and introduces an new capability to integrate Hadoop clusters to deliver big data analytics as a service. An overview of the enhancements can be found here.

The POODLE weakness in the SSL protocol (CVE-2014-3566)

Your immediate action is required In short: The POODLE attack to the SSL 3.0 protocol, published last night requires server and desktop administrators and desktop users to carefully review their security protocol settings in packages such as HTTP Servers (such as Apache, Tomcat), SMTP Servers (such as Postfix), IMAP Servers, … as well as …

3 quick steps to promoting your session at SUSECon 2014

Hurrah! You’ve just had your session picked for SUSECon 2014 — you’re excited but, perhaps, a little apprehensive as you now need to focus on the content and educating the audience. Plus… how do you make sure that people attend your session at the show? Here’s 3 quick steps to promoting your session at SUSECon …

SUSECon 2014 – Full Session agenda now available

The time is finally here – we have reviewed over 200 session proposals for SUSECon 2014 and the best have now been approved and put into the agenda. If you’ve been waiting to see all the goodies that you can get at SUSECon then now’s the time to go and review.