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SUSE Enterprise Linux 11 SP3, Azure, and Interoperability

Interoperability is one of those terms that really doesn’t mean anything unless you actually do something about it. When I found out that SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 was available on Azure, it was interoperability that first came to mind.

SUSE Forum Expert

Aaron Burgemeister concentrating and spending a lot of his valuable time responding to questions in the SUSE forums  

Now you can use SUSE Manager for OES Management!

In response to popular demand, they have now made it possible to manage OES11 systems using SUSE Manager. It can also be used to upgrade to OES11SP1.

SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP3: By the Numbers

4,096. 16. 4. Three seemingly unrelated numbers, each with special meaning to today’s release of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 3 (SP3).

You’re surrounded by SUSE

It is amazing just how prevalent SUSE Linux is in the background fabric of critical infrastructure.  From the store, to the doctor’s office, to airplane flights, to managing your 401k, it is extremely likely that SUSE  was involved in the critical processes behind it all.

SUSE Studio generated appliances (images) – and support

The SUSE Studio product manager explains how SUSE will support the appliances you generate with SUSE Studio.

The Narrowing Gap Between Linux and UNIX

Surprisingly, in this day and age, there are still people in the IT sector that hold enterprise Linux up to a software standard that is over four decades old: UNIX.

VNC Two Factor Authentication for Remote Administration

Enabling two-factor authentication for Remote Administration VNC. Require administrators to authenticate to XVnc first, before the Gnome Login is even presented. Your Auditors will love this!

SUSE Virtualization Story

Over the past decade, SUSE has been a pioneer in helping to develop and commercialize enterprise virtualization technologies. This is the first post in a series outlining what we have done in the virtualization space and what we are planning to do—and there is a lot!

Quietly Working To Meet Customer Needs

You might be surprised at all of the things SUSE is doing across cloud, the enterprise, and integrated solutions. But our customers aren’t.

Embedded versus Integrated Systems. What is the difference?

For me the use of a commercial open source operating system for embedded systems was interesting, which leads back to the question “what is the difference between embedded and integrated systems?”

Sieste – Siesta: Snap Before a Nap

It seems to be common around the world though, to not necessarily login to and logout from your workstation, but just suspend it, while not working on it.

XFS: The Enterprise File System of Choice

Few things in the Linux world get as much of a heated debate as the choice and usage of file systems.  This debate has been raging long and hard between supporters of the major enterprise distributions for some years, with the two positions staked out being XFS and Ext4.