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Installation Wizard from SUSE Linux Enterprise Server: Ready-to-Run SAP Solutions in Just a Few Steps

The AutoYaST technology from SUSE forms the basis of the Installation Wizard, which is supplied to SAP customers with SLES for SAP Applications. This installation assistant offers administrators an automated workflow with which they can install SLES and SAP applications – more or less in one go.

CoolTool: Forensic analysis of patchlevel in a supportconfig

Video demo: Live Linux Kernel Patching with kGraft

In the 2 weeks since we announced the existence of kGraft, there have been many questions about how this solution for live-patching the Linux kernel works. And because (moving) pictures often speak louder than words, here is a video of kGraft in action on the official SUSE YouTube channel.

IBM Power Development Cloud benefits the SUSE ISV

IBM just recently announced their new Power Development Cloud. This recent announcement is just one example of the many tools provided by IBM PartnerWorld and SUSE PartnerNet that benefits the SUSE ISV partner.

What did I learn from SAP in 10 years of partnership?

Do We Need “kGraft” at All?

Vojtěch’s announcement about kGraft started a number of interesting discussions, e.g. at LWN, Reddit, and German Heise. All of those discussions have some common topics. One of these is the question whether a live kernel patching solution such as kGraft is necessary at all. Some typical comments sound like this: What’s so bad about rebooting?

What is an OpenStack distribution and why should customers care?

The world of open source software consists of tens of thousands of projects that have been created because “someone had an itch and decided to scratch it” and others decided to join in to help move the vision forward. But there is a corresponding trait of open source that if a problem is worth solving, it is worth solving at least twice.

kGraft: Live Kernel Patching

It has many names – hot fixing, live patching, runtime patching, rebootless updates, concurrent updates.  It’s a holy grail of uptime. Enter kGraft. Developed by SUSE Labs (*) as a research project, currently just an unpolished prototype, kGraft is surprisingly simple.  But working well.

Cloud Computing – Enabling Change: Also First Choice for SAP HANA®

With cloud computing, companies do not need to invest in their own IT infrastructure, but simply pay for services they actually use and benefit from the higher capacity utilization offered by cloud vendors. The latest example is SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud®.

The standard for ARM-based servers has arrived.

ARM has officially unveiled the SBSA — aka “Server Base System Architecture” — a standard for ARMv8 based, 64bit servers.

First Enterprise Linux on AWS GovCloud (US) Region

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server running on the Amazon Web Services GovCloud (US) provides U.S. government agencies with a highly reliable, scalable and secure enterprise-class Linux platform for current applications moving to the cloud or new cloud-specific applications.

IBM’s SUSE powered X6 Servers make me feel old… in a good way.

Sometimes the technology behind high-end server hardware amazes me. And makes me feel really, really old.

Beta Program for SUSE Customer Center

We’ve been working hard in preparing the beta version for SUSE Customer Center, a dedicated online portal customized for using SUSE products.

High Availability for SAP: SUSE Linux Offers 99.999 Percent

Whether it is Business Suite®, NetWeaver®, ERP®, or CRM®, when it comes to the reliability of business-critical SAP systems, I have noticed that most companies are no longer willing to compromise and now demand a high availability rate up to  99.999 percent.

Setting and locking Firefox preferences in SLED

Setting and locking preferences in Firefox is something that Mozilla provides documentation for but unfortunately the methods described don’t work for Firefox as it is packaged by SUSE for SLED. Here’s my guide to how I handle the setting of default preferences and the locking of Firefox preferences in SLED.