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The National Library of South Africa and SUSE

In a pioneering project, the National Library of South Africa (NLSA) has successfully migrated its entire estate of desktop PCs from Microsoft Windows to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. By adopting Linux and, NLSA saved R 5.5 million in software licensing costs and gained a more robust and secure working environment.

Business Connexion and SUSE – A Customer Success Story

Business Connexion deployed SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server for System z to run a new monitoring solution for clients. The ability to run multiple virtual servers side-by-side on a single mainframe processor ensures low software costs for the solution, enabling Business Connexion to offer a powerful solution at a highly competitive price.

PartnerNet: cool tool but how do I get in?

This summer I guided several of our new partners through the PartnerNet registration process and could see that it is quite a hurdle to finish registration. Now I want to give you a short introduction to that process and make clear that it is a 2-step process.

Compiling the Linux Kernel, the SUSE way

The new Linux kernel — 3.11 — has been released.  Here’s how you can compile the new kernel manually — SUSE style.

OpenStack in the Enterprise

I must say that I respectfully disagree with VMware’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger on whether OpenStack will catch on in the enterprise. While he believes it won’t get traction in the near future, I believe quite the contrary and I’ll try to outline a few of the reasons.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension 11 SP3 now available

The latest innovations in Real Time Linux enable the high resolution timing and precise system scheduling. The predictability and precision are critical to certain workloads such as manufacturing process control, telecom and high-speed transaction in financial services.

High-Availability SAP Training Now Available

The SUSE and SAP partnership has yielded some excellent results, not the least of which has been the great training opportunities we have been able to share.

SUSE and Market Leadership

When one thinks of market leaders in a space, it often comes down to economics or units shipped. While important, it does not always tell the full story.

LJDT: LDAP Data and Schema Comparisons

Have you ever wanted to compare data between eDirectory trees, or schema between servers, or objects between entirely different directories (OpenLDAP and eDirectory, for example)? It should be possible, of course, as both systems are accessible via LDAP. Still, how does one go about doing this kind of comparison? Well, because you are running on the right server or workstation, Linux Just Does That.

On The Path To Customer Success

Attending a partner’s sales event is always a rewarding experience, even if it’s not always 100% positive.

IBM On SUSE Gives SAP Users Fantastic TCO

Deploying enterprise software in any environment is a critical and potentially costly exercise, one that you want to make sure you get right the first time. But time marches on, and the inevitable upgrade has to be done.

OpenStack Turns 3–Wait, Already?

Tomorrow is a big party day for our colleagues over at OpenStack, as they celebrate their third birthday at OSCON. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by.