Uncertain Times Call for Open Source Innovation

Learn how SUSE can help you improve your business with the power of open source.

As your organization copes with an increasingly uncertain future, you need ways to pursue digital transformation, innovate with new products and services, and lower baseline costs—all at the same time. Open source technologies from SUSE are ready to help you drive innovation in the most cost-effective manner for your needs today and tomorrow.

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Lower costs or better business outcomes? Why not both?

Navigate uncertain economic times confidently with open source solutions

During these uncertain economic times, how can you speed up your digital transformation while keeping costs under control?

In this webinar you will learn how:

  • The global open source developer community helps thousands of our customers cost-effectively drive innovation
  • You can use SUSE’s open source solutions to reduce costs while improving business outcomes
  • SUSE can help you navigate your future with confidence to succeed in these uncertain economic times

Learn five ways SUSE can deliver the open source solutions you need to reduce costs while also improving business outcomes.

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Artificial Intelligence – Addressing the Challenges of Today's Data

Recent events have taught us that processing and interpreting volumes of data is important for business continuity – whether on premises, in the cloud or at the edge. Enterprises are turning to AI, machine learning and analytics to make the right inferences from that data. However, they are challenged to get their AI project into production while satisfying all the requirements for being deployed across multiple environments with security and manageability. SUSE has a better way. Learn how to reduce the complexity of the AI infrastructure through a holistic approach spanning services, infrastructure and support. Join Jeff Reser (SUSE Solutions) and Alessandro Festa (SUSE Product Manager, AI) as they discuss the opportunities for AI and how other companies have applied the latest solutions to make a material impact to both customer service and their bottom line.

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Your Uncertain Times Solutions

Deliver Applications Faster

To thrive today, your business must act on opportunities and respond to the needs of customers, partners, and employees more quickly than ever before. Increasingly, applications are the vehicles through which these critical needs are addressed, and in this digital economy the key to increasing business agility is no secret: you enterprise must deliver applications faster. But how? Join this webinar to find out.

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Hybrid Cloud—The Future is Demanding, Be Prepared to Adapt

Recent events have taught us that infrastructure stability is more important than ever as business continuity is only as reliable as the underlying infrastructure – whether that’s in the data center, multi-cloud or at the edge. It keeps businesses running, people connected, and customers engaged. To stay relevant and competitive in today’s rapidly evolving business environment, companies need to be able to adapt quickly.

In this webinar you will learn how to take advantage of cloud solutions and:

  • Transform your business operations
  • Understand the trade-offs between the data center, multi-cloud and edge computing
  • When to apply those different options for optimal performance
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Achieving Non-Stop IT, More Important Than Ever

Recent events have taught us that infrastructure stability is more important than ever as business applications and continuity is only as reliable as the underlying infrastructure.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to keep your systems running from edge to core to cloud
  • Why high availability open source solutions are better at delivering the stability your systems need
  • How others have used open source solutions for uninterrupted services
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Transforming SAP Operations

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted business operations and forced businesses to find new ways to reach and serve their customers. Luckily, SAP’s S/4HANA solution gives organizations the tools they need to more quickly adapt to changing business requirements, but SAP S/4HANA requires an infrastructure that is reliable and flexible.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How SAP solutions address today’s market challenges
  • Challenges faced by the hardest hit industries during these uncertain times
  • Why SUSE solutions are ideal for SAP environments
  • The benefits these solutions can deliver for your business
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Scale with Containers

If you’re like most IT leaders, you’ve been doing what you can to drive digital transformation and deal with its many technical challenges. But now you’ve reached your limit. What worked in a pinch simply cannot work at scale, and a more systematic approach is needed.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Regain control over your rapidly expanding infrastructure domain
  • Provide infrastructure that can run both traditional and modern workloads
  • Accelerate infrastructure provisioning to keep up with the pace and volume of new application deployments
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Harness the Data Explosion

The digital transformation became a necessity overnight. With ever increasing competition, companies seek new ways to win the customer. This is where a deep understanding of customers turns into competitive advantage. The Internet of Things and EDGE computing help to get more data while artificial intelligence and machine learning use this data to provide invaluable insights. As a result, the volume of data has been growing exponentially, leading enterprises to rethink their IT infrastructure strategies and seek cost-efficient, flexible options for data storage.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Turn industry standard and widely available off-the-shelf hardware into persistent, resilient, and flexible storage devices that infinitely expand on demand
  • Eliminate unnecessary expense by paying only for the storage you use
  • Secure your invaluable data and enjoy no downtime with a self-healing intelligent solution
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Innovate and control costs with SUSE open source solutions

Master Hybrid Cloud

Your organization can thrive in uncertain times by combining the flexibility of cloud with the control of running your own data center. SUSE enables your business to run converged container and virtual infrastructure in a mixed cloud environment for unmatched portability, scale, and consistent management.

Scale with Containers

Containers enable you to quickly and reliably deliver business applications across multiple cloud and non-cloud environments, with minimal overhead. SUSE Container as a Service Platform delivers enterprise-ready container solutions that are agile, secure, and scalable so you can operate efficiently while responding fast to new opportunities.

Power AI & Advanced Analytics

With data growing faster than ever, your success increasingly depends on the ability to execute data-intensive workloads including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and analytics. High performance computing from SUSE empowers you to generate value from a fast-growing stream of data while keeping your environment flexible, responsive and far more cost-effective than alternative approaches.

Simplify at the Edge

When your products gain embedded intelligence, you can deliver breakthroughs in your customer experience and deliver new services based on evolving customer needs. SUSE powers your digital products with embedded Linux and high-speed containers at the edge for faster analytics that generate faster business benefits.

Guide the Data Upsurge

The data your business collects and generates is immensely valuable. Storing a fast-growing amount of data can also generate overwhelming costs and complexity. SUSE offers intelligent software-defined storage management solutions that provide highly scalable, cost-effective and resilient service.


Companies need to run SAP solutions in the most reliable and easy-to-manage way possible. As SAP’s innovation partner, SUSE is aligned to help customers thrive in uncertain times by unlocking data intelligence, driving innovation, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance of cloud solutions, all so you can run with the best.

Achieve Nonstop IT

Your organization performs best when you run and manage applications free of interruptions or unplanned downtime — especially in times of critical demand and uncertainty. SUSE helps you access data whenever you need it, along with scalable storage and tools for managing redundant systems. See the benefits of converged infrastructure solutions with business-critical Linux, scalable automation and data replication.