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Discover a quicker route to improved visibility and compliancy for your diverse Linux estate through a single dashboard. Gain visibility across a variety of hardware architectures, hypervisors, as well as container, IoT and cloud platforms.

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You have a diverse infrastructure—you’re not only managing different Linux environments, but solutions running on public, private and multiclouds. IT management has never been more complex, and retaining visibility across your entire landscape is becoming more of a challenge. Keeping track of your environment needs—whether workload orchestration, patch management, or image building—is taking up an increasing amount of your team’s time.

Brent Schroeder, CTO for SUSE

Podcast: Increase efficiency and simplify management of your diverse infrastructure

June 15, 2020

There has never been a greater need to simplify and streamline operations to make your business more agile and to deliver value through transformation initiatives. Listen to this podcast, featuring SUSE CTO Brent Schroeder, as he describes how you can get on the fast track to greater visibility, simplified management, and improved security and compliance–regardless of your chosen Linux distribution or location.


Listen to the Podcast

Five days to simplicity, visibility and value

Five Days to Simplicity

Managing multiple environments via numerous consoles is complex, time-consuming and expensive. By implementing a single management tool that supports your entire IT infrastructure, you can manage heterogeneous Linux systems across a variety of environments, from a single, centralized dashboard. With SUSE Manager you can simplify and modernize the management of all your systems to free up staff time, boost business agility and reduce costs.

Five Days to Visibility

Maintaining visibility into an increasingly complex infrastructure, while ensuring security and compliance, takes up valuable time and resources. A single management tool, like SUSE Manager, with a single dashboard, enhances visibility and efficiency. With automated capabilities you can guarantee system compliance with internal security policies and external regulations.

Five Days to Value

The magic happens with SUSE Manager when it is implemented quickly, expertly and efficiently. Five Days to Value marries the expertise of the SUSE Global Services team with SUSE Manager to accelerate your adoption of this open source solution. We share best practices from real-world experiences and ensure you work with a consultant who understands the value of the relationship. Join the fast track to simplicity, visibility and value.

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SUSE Five Days to Value

Increase efficiency and simplify management of your diverse infrastructure with one single dashboard.

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