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You asked – we acted: SUSE SAP NetWeaver on Google Cloud is now available!


Not too long ago, a customer told us:

We have started our digital transformation! We decided to move our SAP workload to the Google Cloud.
Our experience with the SUSE Software stack for SAP solutions is great. We used to use them in our data center. We wish to have our SAP workload operated on Google Cloud managed by the SUSE software stack, but there is no SAP NetWeaver or SAP S/4HANA solution reference architecture guide operating on Google Cloud.

Of course, we listened. And we acted upon the request. Best of all: the wait is over!
I am delighted to announce the availability of the SUSE SAP NetWeaver and S/4HANA High Availability (HA) cluster solutions operating on Google Cloud.

Thanks to the great cooperation between SUSE and Google, the SUSE-based offering is the only Linux-based solution available in the market at the time of writing this blog post.

The HA Cluster Configurations guide for SAP NetWeaver on SLES deployment guide enables you to build and automate your NetWeaver or S/4HANA HA solutions on Google Cloud in a modern and fashioned way.

In brief, the deployment guide :

  • uses the best of Google Cloud features to balance the GCP instances on different GCP Availability Zones to provide the maximum HA standards with the SUSE Linux Enterprise HA Extension already configured.
  • uses the cutting-edge Google Cloud-native components such as the Internal TCP/UDP Load Balancer which guarantees fast and highly available network traffic.
  • uses the fully automated Google Cloud Deployment Manager SAP Templates to create the infrastructure.
  • provides a step-by-step guide to implement the SUSE HA environment.


Happy Deployment!

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Abdelrahman Mohamed An advocate for the new SUSE solutions by acting as a public speaker at SUSE conferences, delivering partners workshops, contributing to the SUSE best practices series, and contributing regularly to the SUSE official blogs. As the Global Solutions Architect for the Google Alliance at SUSE, I help SUSE to Invent and enhance SUSE solutions operating on Google Cloud. I contribute to introducing the digital transformation guidance to simplify, modernize, and accelerate the efforts to go to market.