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You Are Now Free to Innovate Anywhere


With the vaccination rates going up steadily, I’m often reminded of the Southwest slogan used in their commercials: You Are Now Free to Move About the Country. Here’s to hoping for a post-pandemic summer and some actual travel again?

Along the same veins, we are very pleased to announce SUSE’s support for AWS ECS Anywhere with a new slogan I just made up – you are now free to innovate anywhere and everywhere? How? By using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and AWS ECS Anywhere.

As you all know, Amazon is well known for a culture of customer obsession. (Incidentally, SUSE is also all about the customer, we just use a slightly different name – passionate about customers) So what do customers want in 2021? Well they want flexibility. They want to run containers anywhere, both on AWS and outside AWS – including in their own data centers. But they want a seamless experience, they want everything to just work and a single management experience to simplify training and resourcing. This is where ECS Anywhere comes in. ECS Anywhere allows customers to deploy native ECS tasks in any environment – both on AWS managed infrastructure and customer managed infrastructure – with an easy to use, fully managed (by AWS) control plane that’s always on, in the cloud. Kinda like this:


Now SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is all about being adaptable and easy-to-manage, enabling customers to innovate on-premises, in the cloud and at the edge. So ECS Anywhere aligns with SUSE’s vision and strengths perfectly. Our OS solution is adaptable to any environment – optimized for performance, security and reliability. Our goal? That customers can Innovate freely, easily deploy and transition business-critical workloads across a broad range of on-premise and public cloud environments – back and forth, as needed.

This integration is also perfect for maximizing your CapEx investments. With ECS Anywhere running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, you have all of the power and portability to leverage your existing CAPEX hardware investment. With the advantage of seamless integration with AWS services and existing SUSE capabilities and reliability – you can leverage consistent tooling and governance both on-premise and in the cloud across all of your container workloads. So time for blast off, ?

Speaking of blasting off and innovating everywhere, have you checked out SUSECon 2021? We have a cool space theme! Yes SUSE Linux runs in space! We even interview a real astronaut. Missed the live sessions? Not to worry, they are all recorded for your on-demand consumption whims.

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Helen TangHelen Tang is a worldwide evangelist and runs alliances marketing at SUSE. In this role, Helen focuses on helping customers launch digital transformations in their own data centers or in the cloud. Her team helps customers adapt new infrastructure, modernize applications and implement mission critical workloads with our partner solutions.