Workaround for Error: Your computer does not have enough memory to run YaST



When installing openSUSE on an empty disk with a small amount of RAM you might see following information: “Your computer does not have enough memory to run YaST.” The Installator let’s you choose swap partition but you don’t have any…


Press Ctrl+Alt+F9 (if does not work try other F’s) to go to a console.

To see what partitions you have enter:

cat /proc/partitions

To create the swap partition enter:

fdisk /dev/hda

And then (assuming you have empty disk) click:

  • n for new partition
  • p for primary partition type
  • 1 for starting sector
  • +512M for 512M partition size
  • t to change partition type
  • 82 to choose linux swap partition type
  • w to write this information to disk and exit fdisk

Now all you have to do is to “format” this new partition:

mkswap /dev/hda1

Go back to the installator:


and give him what he needs
(you can restart computer and now installator will show you this partition as a choice to use).


Low memory notebook, eg. with 256MB RAM + shared memory for Video Card.

OpenSuSE 10.2 installation

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