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Winning the Game with SAP Performance


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Professional basketball is a sport I enjoy watching and since I don’t have a favorite team, I watch the NBA Championship Series hoping for exciting, highly competitive games. Typically by the time there are only four teams left, they represent the best in the league and the games will be very close. I found it surprising that almost half of all NBA semifinal and final games this season were decided by between 19 and 38 points. These represent dominant performances, which can be exciting if that’s your favorite team and frustrating if it’s not.

Well I have to say that I’m excited to be part of the winning team at SUSE. When it comes to SAP HANA performance benchmarks, SUSE has jumped out to a commanding lead of 27 – 0 as compared to the competition across all servers that SAP supports. Like a championship basketball team it takes skilled players, the right game plan and outstanding execution to build this kind of insurmountable lead against the opposing side.

The Players: SUSE’s engineering team has worked with SAP’s designers from the beginnings of SAP HANA, sharing their goal to build a top-performing analytics engine so that organizations can make faster, smarter business decisions. In fact, SAP still uses SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as a reference platform for developing and enhancing many SAP applications including HANA. The SUSE and SAP work together as a team to deliver superior 24 x 7 Priority Support with the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications platform. And of course our hardware platform partners are a critical part of the team, delivering appliances and TDI implementations of SAP HANA, and scoring some amazing benchmark numbers.

The Game Plan: Just as coaches need a plan for each game situation, and we give IT administrators multiple options for planning and implementing SAP HANA and NetWeaver applications. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is the only Linux platform to support Intel and IBM POWER-based servers, as well as the Amazon EC2 public cloud with a single solution. If you want to deploy on a server, we deliver an installation wizard with automation and a special package with configurations for optimal performance. If your game plan is to deploy SAP applications in the Amazon cloud, we provide seamless automated installation of pre-configured solutions from the SAP Cloud Appliance Library. The SUSE Connect Program enables you to access, download and evaluate complementary SAP solutions from the SUSE partner ecosystem.

The Execution: The best basketball teams are multi-dimensional with scoring plays for layups, mid-range and 3-pointer shots, as well as multiple defensive schemes. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is also multi-dimensional, providing much more than an operating system. Our offensive plays include ongoing performance optimization aligned with SAP applications updates that we deliver through a dedicated update channel, and a tool to prioritize high performance of memory-hungry SAP applications. On defense we offer the only platform that includes a full HA/DR implementation plus automation that shortens the recovery time for SAP HANA in-memory databases. There is also a firewall that provides additional security for the SAP HANA system.

Any team with a 27-0 lead has to be delivering outstanding execution in all phases of the game, and we are that team at SUSE. Choose us as your winning team for implementing and maintaining SAP landscapes. If you want to see that the stats for the last four scoring plays, check out Dell’s latest benchmarks at Other benchmarks from partners Dell, HPE, IBM and Lenovo can be found here, as well as cloud benchmarks here

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