Win $15 Amazon cards – Enter the SLES Eval Tips Contest


Share your SLES Eval Tips and Gotchas for $15 Amazon Cards

This contest is now closed.  The tips are being reviewed and we will notify the submitters if their tips qualified for the gift cards.

We are compiling the most important tips and gotchas you need to know when you first install and configure a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. We’re going to use these to help people who have downloaded a SLES eval to get up and running quickly and with more confidence. We figured, who better to ask than people who have actually done it?

If you’ve ever installed SLES, please take a few minutes to share the things you have learned along the way, and we’ll get them reviewed by our support engineers. For each tip you submit that passes the tech review, we’ll send you a $15.00 Amazon gift card.  [Yep, we’ve upped the ante.  The prize for these is now $15, and those of you who already submitted them will be paid at the higher rate.]

  • You can submit more than one tip, and you can win more than one prize.
  • If the information appears in the documentation, it will not qualify for a prize.
  • All entries must be the original work of the submitter.
  • We will award these cards for the first 100 good tips that we receive, so don’t wait too long.


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