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Why Use SUSE & Nutanix for Your Mission-Critical Applications


For many organizations today, adopting a hybrid IT approach that combines on-premises and public cloud capabilities is the only way to keep up with the demands of the business for agility.

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions, like those from Nutanix, integrate the entire infrastructure and bridge the gap between traditional data centre infrastructure and the hosted or public cloud.

Cloud-like Agility & On-Premises Control

SUSE has been working with Nutanix to give organizations cloud-like agility combined with on-premises control for their mission-critical applications, alongside other must-haves like high availability, simpler management and peace of mind.

We like to say that together, we deliver “confidence” to our customers when they choose to deploy their mission-critical applications on SUSE and Nutanix.

That is no small claim, of course. So let me back up and explain.

Validation & Support

A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to deliver this assurance to our customers, with major credit going to both engineering teams. SUSE is the first enterprise-grade Linux distribution to be certified on Nutanix AHV.​

We know that when it comes to your mission-critical applications, downtime is something you just can’t afford.

The assurance that we can deliver, and why the SUSE and Nutanix equation adds up, is that you will enjoy full support from both companies if, or when, you need it.

Both SUSE and Nutanix are active members of TSANet. Through TSANet, we collaborate on customer cases jointly to offer you a successful resolution of any technical issues.

Greater Simplicity

Plus, SUSE understands your IT infrastructure is complex, and so together with Nutanix, we’re enabling you to simplify the management of your operating system and HCI.

SUSE Manager, which allows you to manage diverse Linux distributions across your real estate, is also able to pull data in from Nutanix AHV, to give you insights into your system and allow you to manage it more effectively. ​

SUSE Manager is validated on Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor

​And should you like to expand the support that SUSE provides to other Linux distribution providers, then we are also able to do so – giving you peace of mind for all your mission-critical applications deployed on Nutanix.​

​The SUSE-Nutanix solution makes it simple to run your entire mission-critical landscape—whether it includes SAP applications, databases your enterprise heavily relies on or sensitive systems that can’t go down—on a single HCI-based platform, with one operating system.

More information on how you can get cloud-like agility with on-premises control with SUSE and Nutanix.




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