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Why SUSE is the right OEM partner for you!


For over 20 years now, SUSE’s OEM Partners have been critical to our Integrated Systems strategy. It all started with some partners with unique requirements, so we helped them to integrate SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as component of their overall software, hardware or appliance design. Today we enable OEM Partners in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, security, big data, HPC, healthcare, financial services, energy, retail, storage and networking. So it’s not surprising that Integrated Systems has become one of SUSE’s three key strategic pillars.

What began mainly as consulting work is now a combination of SUSE and partners solution to make a joint best of breed solution with a unique combination of operating system, award-winning tools, services, support and maintenance. This has enabled our partners to move away from a resource-intensive and sometimes error-prone package approach with their own tools and mixed methodologies, which resulted in too many variances.

And in the near future? The Internet of Things will introduce many end-point devices and diverse applications that call for different deployment scenarios and requirements. Our partners will require a streamlined and automated approach to deploy, manage and secure those applications and devices, in most cases. And there will be a lot of data in the backend. IDC predicts that the market for big data will reach $16.1 billion in 2014, growing six times faster than the overall IT market. For this reason, big data providers like SAP, Intersystems and Teradata have already built their solutions on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Check for yourself and learn how over 80 partners leveraging Integrated Systems and download our OEM partner book.



  • Avatar photo Arnaudk93 says:

    If SUSE is the right OEM partner so why did you cancel the SLED OEM Partnership with HP ?

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