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Which number are you?


800, 40, 86… Looking for a job? SUSE is hiring.

Did you know…

  • That SUSE has over 800 SUSE Associates
  • That are located in 40 countries worldwide. And,
  • There are 86 positions now open at SUSE?

Which number are you? As I approach my two year anniversary of being a SUSE employee, I’m reminded how fortunate I am to be part of the SUSE team. Every day, I’m lucky enough to work with really smart people who are always thinking, collaborating and challenging each other to do the best they can. You won’t meet another group of more results-oriented, ambitious and innovative people.

SUSE sets ambitious but achievable goals for product delivery, customer satisfaction and financial results–and celebrate when we meet them. If results matter to you, you’re looking in the right place, because they really matter to SUSE. Have I convinced you yet? Check out these open positions, you might just be the perfect fit.  Come join the team!


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