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What the SUSE Booth Brought to SAP SAPPHIRE 2018


Did you miss out on SAP SAPPHIRE? Did you attend but not make it to the SUSE booth? The SUSE booth was HOT this year—here’s the low-down on everything you missed.

While planning for SAPPHIRE, we wanted to demonstrate the close relationship we have with SAP and our partners.  As you may already know, SUSE provides the strategic operating layer for SAP applications, and the booth allowed us, and our partners, to share our SAP expertise.

SUSE Partner Kiosks in the SUSE Booth

We hosted six partners at kiosks in our booth this year to offer our visitors additional solutions for their digital transformation. Below is a list of each of those partners, as well as a brief description of their focus:

  • Datavard assists with SAP HANA & Hadoop integration, SAP HANA Migrations, 21st Century Data management, SAP landscape transformation, and more
  • Revelation Software Concepts, also known as Rev-Trac, is a recognized leader in the field of SAP change control automation to support SAP agile development
  • Micro Focus will help you accelerate your SAP journey to digital core and Leonardo without compromising quality or compliance
  • SEP Software provides reliable Data Protection and Bare Metal Recovery for SAP HANA on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • Protera offers their FlexBridge Migration Acceleration Services Platform to help you plan and simplify your SAP HANA and S/4HANA journey
  • IHT Associates provides Microsoft Azure and SAP professional technical services, enabling your journey to the cloud


SUSE Kiosks in the SUSE Booth

In addition to our partner kiosks, our booth also housed four SUSE kiosks. These kiosks highlighted why SUSE is the SMART choice when migrating to SAP HANA:

  • Your Path to SAP HANA & S/4HANA focused on modernizing your current infrastructure; migrating your infrastructure to Linux; and improving the user experience
  • SAP Cloud Platform & Containers gave visitors the chance to talk about SAP Workload Orchestration with SUSE OpenStack Cloud; Software-defined Storage for SAP Cloud Platform; and Kubernetes-based container deployment with SUSE CaaS Platform
  • SAP on Public Cloud addressed simplifying deployment using solution templates; TCO and Cloud Economics; and shared a number of customer success stories
  • Towards Zero Downtime showed visitors how to implement high availability and disaster recovery for SAP workloads; how to automate replication of a SAP HANA system; and how to apply updates without having to reboot your data center with Live Patching.


If you are interested in learning more about any of these topics, I encourage you to visit this documents page we made specifically for SAPPHIRE attendees. You’ll find a section for each kiosk, and each section contains a list of hyperlinks to documents related to that kiosk’s topic.

SUSE Mini-Theater at SAPPHIRE

SUSE mini-theater at SAPPHIRE

In addition to the kiosks, we also had our very own mini-theater where partners, industry experts, and SUSE specialists presented 15 to 30 minute presentations each day. Guest presenters came from RealTech, Monocle, Microsoft, Dell, NetApp, IHT, TidalScale, Protera, Supermicro, Fujitsu, Micro Focus, IBM, Infosys, Hitachi, AWS, Datavard, Cisco, Symmetry, Lemongrass, SEP, Rev-Track, Intel, Lenovo, Huawei, TCS, and SNP.

Want to see what these presentations were all about? You’re in luck! We recorded each of them and uploaded them to our YouTube channel. You can see those videos here.

Other Happenings in the SUSE Booth

THE WALL, where visitors could play to win daily prizes

Roasted nut counter

Wanting to give our visitors a much deserved mental break, we sought out ways to make our booth a fun place to be.

Before you could even see our booth you could smell it. Wafting from our roasted nuts counter came the sweet scent of cinnamon, sugar, and happiness. No matter when anyone came by, they could grab a warm cup of roasted nuts – they never sat around long enough to get cold.

Our visitors could also play for a chance to win daily prizes at our Plinko game board called, THE WALL. Each player was given a glowing SUSE bouncy ball, which they were instructed to drop through an opening of their choosing at the top of the board. Depending on where the ball landed, they would be given a certain number of points. The top three players with the most points at the end of the day were given either an Echo Show, an Echo Spot, or an Echo Smart Speaker. Players could also instantly win one of our famous stuffed chameleons if their ball landed in a certain spot.

So, if you missed us, we missed you. We had a lot of fun at SAPPHIRE this year, and hopefully you can join us next time.

Check out this video to get a behind-the-scenes look!


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