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What the Beatles have to say about VMware-SUSE-SAP Solutions


Sometimes a song can provide the perfect commentary on life and even on business. Consider the Beatles 1967 song “Getting Better.” Go ahead, sing with me: “I have to admit it’s getting better, a little better all the time.” If you know the tune and the words, then you’ve been in this business a long time. Nevertheless, this perfectly describes the solution VMware, SUSE, and SAP can deliver to customers, especially as of May 6. On this date, VMware announced production support for SAP HANA, the market-leading platform for data analytics, running on VMware vSphere 5.5. The VMware Best Practices Guide for deploying SAP HANA on vSphere recommends running SAP HANA on a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server virtual guest on vSphere 5.5. This is good news for SUSE, which partners with both companies, and good news for customers.

Over the years, many SUSE customers — as disparate as Peerless Clothing and the New South Wales Fire Brigades — have discovered the answer to their problems was a VMware-SUSE-SAP solution. They chose SUSE Linux Server with VMware virtualization, a combination certified by SAP. And these customers have achieved similar results: increasing IT administration efficiency and significantly reducing infrastructure costs while ensuring the availability and performance of their mission-critical SAP systems.

Longstanding partnerships produced this solution. The SUSE-VMware collaboration has resulted in best-in-class Linux virtualization solutions on premise and in private, hybrid and public clouds. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is also the default Linux OS integrated with VMware software appliances like VMware vCenter and vCenter Operations Manager.

The SAP-SUSE partnership goes back to 1999 and has resulted in tight integration of products and services as well as comprehensive operating system service and support options. Today, SUSE is the recommended — and most widely used — Linux OS for SAP applications worldwide and is the first recommended and #1 Linux OS for SAP HANA. And on June 3rd, SUSE announced high availability (HA) capabilities for deployments of the SAP HANA® platform via SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP® Applications.

At SUSE, we’re excited about working with our partners to offer this new, powerful VMware-SUSE-SAP solution. By taking advantage of the tight integration of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with both VMware and the powerful SAP HANA tool, our customers will be able to increase the operational efficiency of mission-critical virtual environments. As the Beatles say, “Getting so much better all the time.”


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