Doug Jarvis, our Product Marketing Manager for Cloud Solutions, related to me a tale of something interesting that happened in Vegas back in December – and yes, something we can actually tell you about.

Doug was attending the Gartner Data Center Conference, a great chance to meet with customer and vendors in the cloud computing sector, and while there he noticed something new happening in the cloud sector.

Because of SUSE’s alliance with SAP, it’s not news that SUSE gets a lot of inquiries about migrating from SAP on UNIX to SAP with SUSE. After all, 70% of SAP installations run atop SUSE Enterprise Linux Server, and we’re the exclusive operating system for the SAP HANA database appliance.

During several of his conversations with customers looking for more information about moving from UNIX to Linux, Doug noticed that there were a lot more customers shifting away from HP-UX installations, as opposed to migrations from Solaris. Historically, migrations have been coming more from the former Sun Microsystems, now Oracle flavor of UNIX.

Doug attributed this new trend to Oracle’s recent decision not to certify their database on HP-UX, giving those customers a choice between migrating to a supported UNIX platform (like Oracle’s Solaris) or just moving to a Linux solution. Clearly Oracle would prefer a transition to Oracle Linux, but their HP-UX customers seem less than enchanted by Oracle’s certification games and appear to be opting for a move to a SAP-based solution.

Which leads them to SUSE.

Given SUSE’s relationship with SAP and integration with SAP applications (plus over 10,000 other certified apps), it seems customers are starting to recognize what we’ve been saying all along: we adapt and they succeed.

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