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Well done, Kubernetes!


Docker is only two years and four months old. The amount of popularity gained in such a short time is incredible, not to mention unprecedented. What we are experiencing is a contribution to the community well worth the reputation. It’s not just code; it’s not just innovation; it’s a shift of mindset.

This shift however would have never been possible without a rich ecosystem.
While a single host and few containers might work well for developers, we’re far from calling this a solution for complex scenarios and the real needs of today’s data centers.
Microservices have by design the requirement to scale, and containerized applications must be easy and quick to deploy. All this without forgetting maintenance, compliance and service level agreements.

This is not an easy challenge to tackle.

Fast forward to the 9th of September 2014: Kubernetes 0.1.1 is released.
Kubernetes is a project born from Google’s internal needs that has evolved to accommodate a growing demand.
Today, less than a year after the first public release it has reached stability.

SUSE is striving to provide the best technologies to fill gaps still existing in the adoption of container based solutions in the enterprise and the cloud. To see technologies like Kubernetes grow and mature only confirm that we’re committing to the right concepts and technologies.
We’re looking forward to seeing what new opportunities this important step provides to the enterprise space and to anyone that wants to elevate container solutions as a solid, feasible and reliable part of their infrastructure.

Well done, Kubernetes! Congratulations to the Google Cloud Platform team on this important milestone.


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