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Welcome to the party, VMware



By Justin Steinman

Today, VMware announced they are joining the Linux Foundation. This is very exciting news, and as a board member of the Linux Foundation, Novell is very excited to have VMware join the party.

Linux is by far the fastest growing operating system in the data center, so it makes perfect sense that VMware would want to improve the interoperability between Linux and the VMware hypervisor and management tools. More than anything else, the Linux Foundation provides a forum for collaboration and discussion. The world’s top kernel engineers and developers are members of the Linux Foundation. By joining the Linux Foundation, VMware will become part of the conversation, which can only result in improved performance for all the Linux distributions on the VMware hypervisor.

Of course, I have to take one moment and brag a little bit about Novell’s relationship with VMware, and say that maybe we saw today’s announcement coming. Back in September 2007, Novell announced that we were working with VMware to incorporate the Virtual Machine Interface (VMI) into the SUSE Linux Enterprise kernel. And we announced in June that we shipped the VMI interface as part of SUSE Linux Enteprise 10 SP2.

Today’s announcement from VMware is welcome news and just one more data point that proves Linux is ready for broad use in the enterprise data center, whether it’s running directly on the hardware or as a virtual guest.

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