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Webinar: Automated Deployment of SUSE on Bare Metal with Stacki


This blog was authored by Colleen Harig from SUSE partner StackIQ

The Challenge of Utilizing the Power of Bare Metal at Scale

Operations needs to keep up with requirements of business, which means they need to deliver stable platforms every time with no delays or downtime.  This is why many organizations are switching to bare metal for container and modern application deployments improving performance and resource utilization.  These organizations are able to build 10-node clusters in relatively no time with very few issues, but unfortunately face many challenges at scale.  The maintenance becomes tedious and the consistency is lost using more time and resources than expected.  How do teams take advantage of the power of bare metal while keeping up with the demands of the business?

How SUSE and StackIQ Bring Agility to Bare Metal

When you’re deploying hundreds or even thousands of servers, you cannot leave anything to manual configuration and scripts if you want your cluster up quickly (and correctly).  Stacki Pro enables customers to start automating from the beginning allowing them to go from bare metal to a running application in a single step.  With Stacki Pro now ported to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP2 and certified by SUSE, customers can use Stacki Pro to provision nodes running the latest version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Join this webinar and learn how you can build server clusters faster for any workload (Hadoop, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenStack, etc.) with Stacki Pro & SUSE.

Register for Webinar:

Webinar: Jun 7th – 11:00 am PDT

Presenters: Greg Bruno, VP of Engineering/Co-founder – StackIQ, and Frank Rego, Director of ISV Program – SUSE

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