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Have you ever been grocery shopping, wandering through the isles to find that last item on your shopping list, but couldn’t find it? Wouldn’t it be great if there would be an app that could guide you to every product you are looking for? Or that tells you in advance if the supermarket ran out of Nutella, so you don’t have to search endlessly just to ask an employee in the end to find out that it’s sold out? You don’t believe it? Then keep reading.


letuno® – the end of getting lost

Vision Valley LLC, a company based in Dubai, United Emirates, created an app called letuno® powered by SAP Platform that uses Visible Light Communication (VLC) to push information to customers’ smartphones when they walk by. The app allows smartphone users to access location based contextual information by converting light fixtures that use the visible light to transmit distinctive information and promotional material based on the customer’s location in the venue with 30cm accuracy. This technology enables new ways of upsell and cross sell of products for companies as well as improved shopping experiences for customers.

How does letuno® work?

The concept is easy. The customer has to download the letuno® app which is equipped with Visible Light Communication (VLC). As soon as the customer opens the app, the venue can communicate the unique ID to the app which then fetches information, promotion or even transaction data. The customer can now retrieve all information and can enjoy this new experience.

But how does this help me to find my Nutella jar in the supermarket?

Well, there are many ways in which letuno® can help to improve the shopping experience, one being grocery shopping. With letuno® in use, shoppers can roam through the aisles and can easily get all details about the items that they are viewing. That includes features, the latest promotions, discounts, the availability in the warehouse, you name it. Also, the app can guide customers to the nearest store attendant or to the product that they are looking for. No more endless searching anymore!

Other use cases for the letuno® app include restaurants where customers can view the menu online, place and track orders and even pay online; airports where the app can guide travelers to the right terminal with time estimation and duty free shops that can place targeted promotions for travelers to/from certain destinations. Furthermore, finding your way through malls will be a walk in the park, and at events and exhibitions customers do not have to carry bags full of flyers and brochures anymore as they can get all that through the app.

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