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Virtual Machine Driver Pack testing with openQA


The Virtual Machine Driver Pack (VMDP) contains a paravirtualized driver for the Windows Operating System. It improves the performance of Windows OS as a Virtual Machine Guest. For more information about this driver look at the VMDP Product webpage.

At SUSE we always work to improve our quality process, and from a development point of view, this is very important to be able to test the development release of our drivers, on different versions of Windows Operating System. This test phase is really painful, the testing matrix is big, it’s always the same process step by step, and running tests manually always take a lot of time, so using openQA was the solution.

To be able to run this openQA testsuite, we first need to define what are the steps for the installation of the VMDP driver. Each step will be a module, and each module will contain action(s) item(s) and matching screen(s). Our test suite is simple: first we boot the Windows ISO to launch the installation process, then we install the paravirtualized driver for the disk drive, we finish the installation and the configuration of Windows. After some reboots to let Windows finish the installation, we install the full VMDP pack. Once done we check that everything is fine and well installed.

openQA VMDP steps

The current openQA solution is based on “screen match” and “action”, so for each Windows version some “needles” have been created (a needle is a matching screen with tags and coordinate which define which part(s) of the screen should be checked).

The following image is a screenshot of one of the needle definitions for the “vmdp_install” module (step).


Once all needles are defined, we just need to start the test on an openQA worker, and check everything is going well. If for some reason the driver is not installable (or whatever else), the openQA server will return an error, and will give you access to plenty of logs, screenshots, video recording etc., to help you understand what’s the issue to easily debug it.

The following videos are openQA in action to test various flavours of Windows, with stable or development release of VMDP drivers.

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