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Using Ipod on your Linux Pc


The market is flooded with fancy kinds of mp3 players
in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But you will agree
that the Ipod rules.

Many of you will want to use your ipod in linux.
First of all in order to use your ipod you will have to
have the ipod file system in windows format(viz. fat32
etc.),if you want to use it as flash drive cum mp3
player. I am not aware if mac file system is also
supported. I think it is not supported as of now.

Suse Linux and many leading distributions
automatically recognize your ipod when connected to
your linux system. So no hassles of configuring /
detecting etc. It is mounted at /mnt/ipod.

Next in order to edit playlist etc a.k.a itunes you
will need some software for linux . GTKPod is a
software like itunes that allows you to upload songs
to your ipod,edit playlists. It can also detect
duplicate songs. Tag editing in ID3 form is possible.
The database can be modified offline too.

A great feature of GTKPod is the ability to export
songs, copying them from the iPod back to your

By default, GTKPod looks for your iPod to be mounted
at /mnt/ipod.

In order to use GTKPod you will have to download the
latest rpm from

GTKPod supports models from the iPod mini, iPod
Photo, iPod Shuffle, iPod nano, up to the latest iPod

or do an rpmfind at

Full features list available at

Screenshots available at

Have a great time Linux Ipodding.

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