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Network documentation needs to be ‘everywhere’, it needs to be available when the network is ‘down’ (when you need it most!) and it as to be shareable so that multiple IT staffers can work on it. You also want something organized, searchable, with the ability to have embedded images, links, etc. Wiki’s are great for this, but running from a central server has limitations. Some wiki’s are also rather complex to set up. And, wouldn’t it be nice to have access to it when you’re on the road? When you just have your laptop and maybe no access points in site? Who wants to VPN in just to look up one thing? Or to make a quick update? Wouldn’t it be nice to have your wiki wherever you go?

Well, now you can!


Using the desktop version of the MoinMoin wiki, the entire install can easily be placed into iFolder. It is run from here, and so will run from the local PC, but can exist on several hosts for resiliancy – via iFolder. If the host PC ‘dies’, just bring it up on another. If the network is down, it does not matter since it is local. You can run it locally from any pc with the iFolder account, so you can use it when you’re away from the office, at home, etc. While in the office you can make the web page shareable so that other users can view, add or edit pages. MoinMoin desktop is so simple you can set the whole thing up in minutes.

One thing I did to help myself adapt from our old environment was I made a ‘home’ page in the wiki where I used moinmoin’s built in macros to give me an alphabetical page list, a page list by date and finally a text box to create a new page.

I also have our pages built to a standard so that navigation is more intuitive for us. Every page has a link to go to the ‘home page’ & every page has a table of contents as well. This is just a policy decision, but I would advise anyone implementing something like this to standardize how it is done so everyone on the team knows what to expect.

By default the wiki runs only on your loopback address, and on port 8080. To make it visible to other hosts or on the standard port 80, you need to edit the which is in the MMDE folder (on Win32).

For example, to be available on all bound IP’s and use port 80 your file would look like this:

from __main__ import DefaultConfig
class Config(DefaultConfig):
      port = 80
      interface = ''

I use this config because when running from other hosts (like my laptop) I will have different IP’s each time. If I have specified an IP in the config, the wiki will only launch on the host which has bound that IP. Not quite what we’re going for here!

There is very good help documentation available in the app, as well as online so you can learn how to customize your wiki and learn all the ins and outs.

Have fun!


Download moinmoin Desktop Win32 from:


Deskop can be Linux, Mac or Windows.

– I have only attempted this with Windows so far, but it should work on the other systems.

Any version of iFolder will do.

iFolder client for Linux or Windows.

Any browser will do for viewing your wiki.

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