University of the Arts Utrecht, HKU gain a robust, high-performance backbone for file and block storage with SUSE Enterprise Storage


As resolutions and frame rates rise, HKU’s students needed to store and share increasing quantities of multimedia data. The university’s existing fragmented, multi-site storage infrastructure could no longer meet these growing demands. By deploying a four-node SUSE Enterprise Storage™ cluster—which will soon stretch across two locations for added resilience— HKU has gained a robust, high-performance backbone for file and block storage that offers exceptional scalability combined with low total cost of ownership.

“Ceph is designed to provide extreme scalability and resilience at relatively low TCO, which made it a great fit with our objectives,” said Emile Bijk. “Choosing SUSE’s implementation of Ceph gave us the assurance of enterprise-class support. Centralization meant that we were effectively creating a single point of failure for storage, so of course it was vital to ensure this high level of protection and support.”

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