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Ubuntu or Novell – Which strategy will win?


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Novell has come under criticism for its decision to not pursue the consumer linux desktop. Some are claiming that it is a fatal mistake and has opened up the opportunity for Ubuntu to exploit the linux desktop consumer market.

This is not the case.

Any Linux flavor that competes in the consumer desktop market must dethrone Mac as the number 2 OS before it can even think of taking on number one Windows. No matter how bad Vista is, people will go to Macs first before they turn to Linux on the consumer side.

Enterprise Server vs Consumer Desktop

Novell is making all the right moves. It is in a position to dethrone Red Hat as the leading Linux flavor for the Enterprise. It is doing this by focusing on what I call


This is focusing Linux to solve issues that are important to any enterprise of any size. Whether this means the Mainframe market, or the small business market. Solving issues that are important to making the organization successful.

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  • penguin_roar says:

    The desktop is the key to the server. Any server offering that is dependant on Microsofts desktop is essentially 100% in the hands of Microsoft.

    What Linux needs right this very moment is a big push. Not for the sake of the users but for the sake of third party support from application vendors.

    The vendor winning the desktoplinux throne is the one who will win the enterprise area later. Ubuntu is going to be a much harder target than RedHat ever was if they get a firm hold of the desktop.

  • richardbliss says:

    Linux on the consumer desktop is not the key to Linux on the Server.

    Back in the early days when Windows overcame the NetWare server market, it was due to Windows being the dominant player on the consumer desktop and leveraging that strength to get at the Server market through the Application Server route.

    Today, it is much different. The consumer desktop is not an open field to be populated like Windows 95 did more than a decade ago. There isn’t any overwhelming NEED at the consumer desktop level. There is frustration with Vista but nothing to actually drive major portions of the market to begin adopting Ubuntu or Linux at all on the consumer desktop.

    On the other hand, the server market is underserved at the moment. Windows servers are lacking the ability to easily do virtualization. Linux has the ability to gain a foothold in the data center, a foothold that Microsoft can’t attack.

    Also, Mainframe deployment and appliances are also places where Microsoft can’t follow with competition. This gives Linux the opportunity to grow and thrive without Microsoft bringing to bear their market pressure.

    Unfortunately, Ubuntu doesn’t have a story in the appliance or mainframe markets, where Linux is able to exploit Microsoft weaknesses.

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