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How two SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers Ensure that I can Read my Newspaper in the Morning


by Marc Robischung, SUSE

Zero Downtime for Swiss printing press

For real paper addicts like me, a morning without my newspaper in my mailbox is doomed. Love starting the day with a coffee and my daily paper.  There is no big difference whether you read WSJ or the Reussbote, which daily serves readers in a small Swiss region with local news, politics, sport and culture. If their IT-infrastructure is down and the paper cannot be published and printed, it’s my morning that starts grey, only with a coffee.

To ensure a near Zero Downtime environment, Swiss printing press Druckerei Nüssli AG decided on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 platform, to run their mission critical applications for printing but also to support a team of editors and layout people to create the newspaper. Druckerei Nüssli AG as the editor of Reussbote also offers a wide range of other printing services from mass printing to business cards and letter paper.

SUSE partner Daniel Scheuber from SSE AG in Mettau developed and implemented the solution at Druckerei Nüssli AG. Two HELIOS servers are running SUSE Linux Enterprise 12, that ensure a smooth running production 24×7 and access anytime and from everywhere for journalists and production.

The customer can now ensure a production without downtime, key for the production of a newspaper and a printing press that need to deliver in time. In addition Druckerei Nüssli’s IT now benefits from several advantages like back-up and synchronization in a matter of seconds, server administration via iPhone, support for Windows- and Apple-Clients, server access via web-browser and synchronization of server-data on iPhone- and iPad-Android systems worldwide, all together ensuring, that my morning starts with a cup of coffee AND my paper.

Technical information: Server with 32 Cores, 32GB RAM, storage based on Raid6 / SSD & hard-disks, 10Gigabit-ethernet, connected to an uninterruptible power supply with SUSE Support. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, HELIOS-File-Management-Software:

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