Turn 1 PC into 10 – How to virtualize SLED 11 with Userful Multiplier


Save money in your computer labs and classrooms by deploying Multi-station SLED. Adel Saad from the University of New Mexico shares step-by-step instructions on how to virtualize SLED 11 with Userful Multiplier to allow multiple users to work on a single SLED 11 desktop concurrently.

  1. Install your NVIDIA-compatible video cards prior to installing SLED 11. The card used during the test installation was an NVIDIA GeForce 9400 1GB video card.

    DO NOT use SLI or cards that have embedded SLI in them (e.g., 9800 GX2).

  2. Obtain the SLED 11 ISO from Novell’s Downloads section – http://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=31O5iweTHlg~
  3. Download: SLED-11-DVD-i586-GM-DVD.iso
  4. Burn the ISO to a DVD to create SLED 11 DVD CD media.
  5. This installation creates a fresh copy of SLED 11 by using the entire hard disk and setting up new partitions. In other words, it doesn’t use other partitions on the hard drive.
  6. Keep the installation setting on the default settings. You want the quickest and easiest installation just to get SLED 11 on your hard drive.
  7. Do not add repository selections. Anything you want can be added later through YAST and Software Management.
  8. You MUST SKIP the patches.
  9. Your installation should come up about with a SLED 11 GUI. Novell has done a wonderful job on detecting most hardware and we have yet to see a system not be able to start x. Most will come up with the standard login screen with at least some basic VGA video supported.
  10. MAKE SURE your are logging in as ROOT from here on out.
  11. Log in and check for NVIDIA on your screen. Even though you may see the NVIDA logo, you need to install the latest driver from NVIDIA. DO NOT depend on Novell’s YAST repository.
  12. Install Linux Kernel-Source and gcc (make) should already be loaded.

    Linux Display Driver – x86

    Version 109.53 (Certified)
    Release Date 2009.12.16
    Operating System Linux
    Language English (U.S.)
    File Size 22.9 MB
  13. Download the NVIDIA and Userful Multiplier packages to your desktop:


  14. Press Ctrl+Alt+F2.
  15. Open Terminal and login as Root.
  16. init 3 shuts down x server so you can install NVIDIA.
  17. cd to root and the desktop

    sh install .NVIDIA-Linux-x86-190.53-pkg1.run

  18. After installation, type sax2 to configure the x server and then startx to log in again.
  19. Restart the system once to see if it indeed restarts with NVIDIA working.
  20. You should be able to log in to the GUI again. If not you need to run Sax2 again fire up the GUI by Start X
  21. From the GUI while xserver is on install Userful Desktop, use the XTERM application to install Userful

    ./install (should be under the root\Desktop)

  22. Userful will prompt for a reboot. It will reboot to the blue screen detecting the two or three video cards you have installed. Leave to default and then it will reboot one more time.
  23. When you see some blank screens for a sec or two then small graphical “x’s” start showing up. You now have a Multiplied SLED 11 system.
  24. Then install all software, patches, and activate SLED 11.

Contact Omni at sales@omni-ts.com or +1.780.423.4200 to receive a Userful Multiplier quote for your SLED implementation. Universities and K-12 schools can now take advantage of special $59-per-seat pricing (reg. $99).

SLED is licensed on a per-monitor basis. For example, you would purchase six licences of SLED for a 6-user Multiplier system. You save on hardware, power, wiring and Internet drops, and desktop management. Many education customers have SLED included in their ALA or SLA agreements. Here’s an exciting chance to roll it out in a big way and maximize your budget.

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