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Tune to Beijing for SUSE CaaS Platform Launch!


Today SUSE is launching a brand NEW product – SUSE CaaS (Container as a Service) Platform, an application development and hosting platform for container-based applications and services. The solution is a valuable new piece of SUSE’s growing software-defined infrastructure portfolio, which integrates open source technology to drive next-generation innovations that matter to customers. SUSE CaaS Platform lets IT operations and developers provision, manage, and scale container-based applications and services to meet business goals faster.

If you happen to be in Beijing at Linux Conference + Container Conference + Cloud Conference, you will hear about the product story from Thomas Di Giacomo, SUSE CTO, in his keynote session “After 25 Years, Where are we?” and you will get to know more about how SUSE is rethinking the Operating System technology from Simon Arsene, Product Manager for SUSE CaaS Platform.

Today’s launch marks an important milestone. It is the first step towards the SUSE vision of delivering a best-in-class container infrastructure platform that is simple to use and is ready for next-gen apps. This will allow users to focus on building & running their container apps and to not worry about the complexities of building container infrastructure by themselves.

As Jay Lyman, 451 Research, wrote in his research paper “SUSE envisions several key use cases for its CaaS platform, including the enablement of DevOps and microservices implementations for faster and more automated application releases across different infrastructure.”

SUSE CaaS Platform saves time for developers and IT operations by providing an easy to use container platform that includes all required components – orchestration, container & microservices OS, configuration – as one solution. Having the same environment for development, testing, and production allows configuration and code to coexist on the same platform. As a result, the teams can develop & deliver applications faster and can also create a repeatable process for sustaining quality.

Performance, security and agility are enabled by the microservices and containers host OS – SUSE MicroOS, which is at the heart of SUSE CaaS Platform. The word “Micro” in MicroOS signifies microservices. SUSE MicroOS is a purpose built Operating System designed for microservices & containers and optimized for large deployments. It is targeted to be an always up-to-date Operating System making it ideal for Agile IT infrastructure.

IT infrastructure is undergoing a digital transformation. Organizations are moving from Traditional IT to Agile IT at a rapid pace. They are looking to containerize existing applications or create new apps using the microservices architecture. SUSE CaaS Platform is well suited for both scenarios. In addition, the platform enables applications to be run everywhere – On-premise, On-bare-metal, Private cloud or Public cloud.

SUSE CaaS Platform is poised to play a big role in helping organizations worldwide embrace container technology and modernize their container infrastructure.

Stay tuned for more news.

To learn more, join us for our upcoming webinar, Transforming IT with Containers and the SUSE CaaS Platform on July 19th.

Additional information can also be found here.

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