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New WSO2 SLES12-based Appliances in SUSE Studio


Last week I attended WSO2Con 2014 in San Francisco. This year’s conference was noticeably bigger than in 2013, with more customers and partners attending. WSO2 puts on a great conference with lots of technical sessions, great keynotes from industry experts and some impressive customer presentations, including from Boeing, Fidelity, Cisco and Trimble.

The theme of the conference was the Connected Business – how businesses are extending their boundaries to connect people, applications and devices – and to do this, you need a connected platform that addresses integration, API management, cloud, mobile, social, security and big data. And how great it would be if you could get this from a single codebase with multiple product personalities, multiple deployment choices (private cloud, on-premise, public cloud) with a single developer, ops and management experience.

Not surprisingly – this was a WSO2 conference after all – WSO2’s platform can do all that. WSO2 has a very broad platform designed for the connected business with a modular architecture that allows a business to assemble their own custom solution. The whole portfolio can be deployed as traditional middleware in the data center, and is available for private, hybrid or public cloud deployment.

WSO2 is a SUSE alliance partner, and all of their solutions run on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or on our OpenStack product SUSE Cloud. In fact, we’ve made it very easy for you to try out a couple of WSO2 solutions running on our latest release, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12. We’ve built a couple of appliances in SUSE Studio – WSO2 AppServer and WSO2 Identity Server – that can be used for test, dev, or even a small production environment. Scripts are included to make these easy to deploy, start, stop and reload. All you need to do is clone the appliance, build it on your favorite hypervisor, then start using! And if you want to see WSO2 in person, come to SUSECon during the week of November 17th where WSO2 is a sponsor.

Sanjiva Weerawarana

WSO2 CEO Sanjiva Weerawarana giving opening keynote at WSO2Con 2014

WSO2 is a fast growing company and CEO Sanjiva Weerawarana makes no secret that their objective is to become the #1 middleware company in the world. There’s no question WSO2 is getting noticed. Industry analysts like Forrester and Gartner regularly include them among the leaders in API Management, Application Integration, Governance and others. Their products are 100% open source and that culture of transparency even pervades their organizational structure where the people that write the code rotate through marketing, pre-sales, services and support. Even their internal email communications are shared to everyone in the company.

Find out for yourself what’s behind the industry buzz about WSO2. Check out the WSO2 appliances on SUSE Studio and come visit WSO2 at SUSECon.


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